Friday, October 09, 2009


NOW speaks out against Letterman and his obvious sexual harassment exploits. And for those folks who think no harm no foul in the Letterman affairs, remember sexual harassment happens when a boss or someone of authority demands, requests or gets sexual favors from subordinates no matter if the subordinates are willing. I mean if they aren't willing, now they work for someone who has made a pass so promotions etc are now in jeopardy not to mention just the icky-ness of it. If they are willing, other people are def affected as one individual gets special favors or extra attention or rewards for no other reason than sleeping with the boss.

So it doesn't matter if the affairs were consensual since technically with a boss subordinate sexual relation there can't be true consent. The subordinate will always feel obligated.

Gloria Allred also has made a case against Letterman. He should be sued. It would be difficult to prove that all the women were treated fairly in his office with the affairs going on. I was afraid since the feminists held up Bill Clinton as a tower of virtue ::cough,cough:: that they may never speak out against Letterman.

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