Friday, October 09, 2009

G Conversations

While reading to G before bed, the dog licked G's leg to which she was not happy and rightly so 'cause yuck. She grabbed her blanket to wipe it off, and I said, "Now you wiped it with your blankie?"

And she said in all her righteous indignation, "Yes, my blankie can be a blankie or a towel or a fuzzy train."

I said, "A train?" And she said, "Yes, wike dis: (motions with her hands a line in a row) dun, dun, dun."

Yep, a fuzzy train I guess to ward off future dog licks?!!??

This morning G was giving me the nicest of compliments painful truth with attitude and said, "Something stinks." I said, "Yes, probably the cat pooped, but I don't smell anything." (We have a sick cat who has decided the couch is his litter box.) She said, "No, its not that. Its your bweath." Thanks, kid.

On the way to school I was telling her how much I love her long fingers and beautiful hands to which she replies, "Yes and my long toes too because you don't have long toes, yours are all balled up." Oh yes she did. She zinged me twice today.

One night I said, "I am the worst mommy in the world for not getting this laundry done." And she said, "See, I was right." She sure knows how to stop me in my tracks!

Oh and I have to brag on my girl, she is in the top group of the four distar groups. When I was in 1st grade our groups were birds. I was in the top group the blue birds (I think that was it). So for the distar groups it works the like the bird groups of yester year.

G tells me one day that for distar she is with Ms. W (not her teacher). I asked her why but couldn't get a good response from her about why she left for Ms. W's class for distar. I wondered if she wasn't getting it, being taken out as a slow learner (fear from summer), and maybe I could work with her on more of it at home to get her up to speed. So I saw one of the teachers and asked about the program which is like I explained the groups.

In order to keep the kids at their individual learning levels the teachers have gotten together to work with the groups by skill level. Ms. W. teaches the highest level kids meaning that they are picking up the distar sounds so well they should be learning to read more quickly than some of the other groups. That makes since to me, and I appreciate G not being kept back because a few can't catch up.


Super Mommy said...

Ouch G!! She sure is quick witted, isn't she?? LOL

Congrats on her accomplishment - she's one smart girl for sure!

The Byrd's Nest said...

lol.....their words are pretty painful sometimes. She is a pretty smart girl though...I can't wait to see what God will do with her;)

Vivian M said...

From the mouth of babes, lol. They always say what they think and mean!

Yay to Miss G on her bird group class!

Vicki said...

Great to have you check in on the blog.
Question: IF pondering adopting again (like I HAVE the money, ha, ha)...but if the Lord leads -- recommend any agency in particular. I'm pondering the Philippines or Costa Rica. Heck...I'd LOVE Mexico b/c it's so close. Cheaper travel. Maybe my priorities are off on that one. NOT sure IF I would. I'm 51. Single. Just pondering...