Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Job Hunting S*CKS! and Other Ramblings

Okay so I have been asked my dress size, age, about children etc etc etc. And I don't care if it is against the law to ask it because I really think it is only against the law to base decisions on the answers but think realistically, a company doesn't have to hire you for any reason so therefore that doesn't have to be the proven decision. Plus in a craptastic economic market like ours, jobs are not a dime a dozen, employees are therefore employers CAN ask the questions with relative ease without much reprisal. Oh and would you really wish to work for a company who asks questions like that?

So today I had a normal job fair interview but basically since I really do not wish to work (though I didn't say this) 47 to 55 hours a week guaranteed from 7am to 11:30pm at times I probably won't get the job. Oh and I am not in a position to relocate either so there. Thinking about the normal schedule 7am to 6pm 5 days a week (including weekends) or noon to 11:30pm a night at what point do I have time with G? And I can't drop G off for the bus until 7:20am and no I don't have before school care so I would have to hire someone to come to my house, get her ready for school, drop her off so I can drive 30mins or more to a place to work a 9 to 10 hour shift 5 or more days a week?

This is a retail place by the by. And yes I am whining about it, but I won't get it because relocation at this point is a no go and that was a specific question. And no I am not afraid of hard work, and yes I love the store where the job is. And yes I realize it is my problem to deal with daycare, before school care and aftercare because I signed up to be a mom. And no I would rather not work retail even as a manager though as a single with no kids it might be fun and yes I do see the point of all the hours. More and more I am seeing the real need to be home based or self employed which is more flexible but usually requires some money to be paid first on my part.

If by some strange and unrealistic chance I got that job, we would literally have to move in with my parents so they could get G to school 4 days a week at least and get her to bed on late nights and keep her on the weekends I would have to work. A separate household would not work out. And I didn't even bother to find out how much they would pay because I knew I wouldn't get it when the schedule questions came up.


Vivian M said...

I agree, it stinks.

AZMom said...

Yikes. You know, I recently was glad I did not get a job because it was just unrealistic hours and I would have had to travel 5 days a week for the first 3 months. I HAVE a husband I STILL did NOT want the job! I would miss out on too much with my kids. I completely understand where you are on this one.


Kim said...

Actually a combined household is great. We were for about 15 months. When I had to log into work at night, Dad would help me watch the baby. He'd cook too.