Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Call Me Sucker

This was the body of the e-mail to give me the info on the screening. I am posting it so I can say how not crazy I am. And I also received an e-mail verifying attendence today too.

"Date: Thursday, September 24, 2009, 10:54 AM
"Thanks so much for getting back to me. The film opens in Memphis on october 16th. Also, we'd be happy to provide another pair of tickets for you to do a giveaway on your site in advance of the screening. Let me know if you are up for that.
Here are the details for the screening in your area. Let me know if you can make it.
Memphis screening- The Boys Are Back
October 13
Malco Paradiso
584 S. Mendenhall
Memphis, TN"

After dithering around about what I was going to wear and literally changing clothes twice for the perfect outfit (I mean an unemployed chick doesn't get the chance to often go to a movie with friends), getting make up on (cause I don't wear it unless I am going somewhere fancy like this), I picked up the one friend who is able to make the movie. I had one back out due to illness which is totally understandable and after this evening's events I wished I was the sick one.

My friend and I show up at the theater to absolutely no one knowing what I was talking about. The manager even gave me the numbers to the other Malco theaters in my area and not one had this screening or knew anything about it. So instead we went and hung out at a bookstore because we both are big time readers. Me more so than she right now due to my employment status or lack there of, heh.

So either it was a very sick joke (and no my house wasn't robbed) or they gave me the wrong date for the wrong city which is sad because I can't reschedule a night like this again. Outings on school nights are def. rare and not to be taken lightly or without much planning. I would like to think that it was the later but because I am a cynical sort of person I feel it was the former.

I am just sure that my friend will one day be a writer based on her work experiences etc and I asked her to make sure she left me out as the scatter-brained, why-does-this-stuff-always-happen-to-me chick. I told her if she chose to leave me in there then make sure some fantastic person plays me in the made for TV movie, ha!


Ohilda said...

What a bummer. I'm so sorry! :(

By the way, I got my poster AND a phone call that the $5. had been an error, they credited it back. :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the poster. TY!

Super Mommy said...

Awww, sorry.

Vivian M said...

Oh wow, I am so sorry.