Friday, October 02, 2009

Laundry Soap 1; Mama 0

I decided after finding a very easy recipe for making your own laundry soap that I would give it a try. The recipe I found was on Denise's blog: There's Always Room for One More, and she made it look so easy.

I while back (beginning of summer) in order to save money I thought about making my own detergent but then I found for under $9 a huge bucket o' detergent at the grocery store. I figured I couldn't ever make my own soap for $9 or less so I gave that up.

Anyway, the other day I picked up a dish wash rag that I had washed and it still smelled really badly like, well I dunno what, but it stunk. So then I began to really wonder if the less than $9 was worth the price of having semi clean clothing but not really clean clothing. With the molluscum I am fighting I need to know my clothes are clean.

So back to making the soap, Denise didn't seem to have much problem finding everything locally, but I did. I ended up ordering the fels naptha soap bars on line (googled fels naptha). They happened to be $.99 per bar with $4.95 shipping which equalled less than $2 a bar. Denise's recipe is 1 box washing soda, 1box Borax, 6 cups baking soda and 6 bars of fels naptha. The soap bars have to be shredded then all of it mixed up. Everything else was easily found.

One thing I will do differently is I will buy the fels naptha already shredded (33 oz of shredded soap=6 bars). See the title of this post? Well, in the shredding of the soap I practically lost a knuckle. Yeah, took a while to stop the bleeding. So blood, sweat and tears literally were used in the making. And it is on my thumb. So not a good spot for anyone. Now I have a big bandaid on my thumb, and on the other hand a big band aid on a finger for another injury from last week.

I will reluctantly admit that I may be a bit more clumsy than my peers, so that is good news for you if you wish to make your own soap. I doubt anyone else would cut off their knuckle while shredding soap. Oh and the mixing of the ingredients was sort of a pain as the now shredded soap has the consistency of shredded cheddar cheese (not the already shredded cheese either). I don't recommend shredding while hungry either as you may be tempted by the look of said soap.
Anyhoo, I am eager to try out the new detergent on all my wash cloths in my whole house and the towels that sour too quickly. Denise said only 1/8 of a cup but that just doesn't look like a lot so I will have to try that first and then adjust up a bit or not. Her kids just bragged on the good smell of her clothes so I am hoping to see, feel and smell the difference. Who knows, this may become a way of life.

Total time to prepare the detergent: roughly 45 mins give or take. My hands sure smell good too.


AZMom said...

Let me know how you like it!

The Byrd's Nest said... awesome that you did this...well except for your knuckle;) Good job!

Kim said...

That is pretty much my recipe too except the powdered version didn't work worth a crap ion my front loader. But when I did the liquid version, it was great :)