Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Way To Help

MonkeyJar is an on line mall that can be set up for personal shopping and will pay you commission on all your purchases. Also, you build a group of friends who set up their own personal mall and will help with your commissions by shopping in their own mall. Now there are really good companies in this particular mall like Target, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Old Navy, Gap and other great stores, not unknown stores.

So this is pretty selfish of me; however, if you want to shop on line or build your own mall please let me know, and I will add your e-mail to my troop so that we can help each other with commissions. Now this isn't a get rich quick scheme because it takes a while to build up a troop and build up the shopping network but it is a def. possibility to make a decent extra income or more.

I am def facing a difficult time with unemployment being cut off soon and no job prospects. The news in our area is NOT good for jobs. The employers are not hiring even though new jobless claims are decreasing. Not laying off but not hiring either. I have had more jobs turn me down than I ever have in my life until now applied for. This is a painfully humbling experience.

If you shop on line, please don't waste an opportunity to make commission on your own purchases. Contact me so I can add you to my invitation list. This is totally free by the way! And this is not a paid for post. I just set up my mall so I thought I would share with my favorite readers-that is all of you!

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cheepette8 said...

I signed up, but don't now how to become a member of your troop. Just let me know.