Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend In Pictures

Rare Mama Pic Alert!!

We attended an FCC annual event Saturday afternoon that included cookout, bonfires, s'mores, carriage rides, and a hayride. It is always a fun event in a beautiful setting.
I came down with the whole sinus-sore throat thing on Friday while working the one day temp job that has now messed up my weekly unemployment claim. Oh happy days. Now I know why you never work while on unemployment until you find the one job that will allow you to jump ship. A measly $180 could totally wipe out the $431 weekly I get.
G is still draining and throwing it all back up in the middle of the night. She threw up 5 times last night between 10:30pm and 1:00am. One of which required a pj change.
Then Sunday afternoon she and grandad washed my mom's car and helped a neighbor cut down one of grandad's cherry trees. I didn't take a pic of the whole car washing event but the last two pics are of her on the newly cut down tree.


Kristy said...

Oh gosh I hope she starts feeling better very very soon!!

love, Kristy

Super Mommy said...

Despite feeling bad - you have some great pictures there! Sounds like a really fun event!! I love G's nails!!

Hope you all get to feeling better. Have you given G any Mucinex? It seems to work pretty good for my girlies.