Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Got It Back

My phone that is. No job offer of the century though. Two calls from my mom which makes me laugh since the phone was at her house the whole two days, heh.

Last night was the Upwards basketball tryout to place the team together. These are just two of the videos I made of G. She also had to walk bouncing a ball first in her right hand and next in her left around some cones. G was timed walking around cones in a square (4 corners) but was supposed to only walk around two cones in a line of sorts. So she had the tougher job not noted for it being tougher. Have I ever mentioned how glad she doesn't have my genes? Well, this is the reason, at 5 she plays better basketball than I did at 10. She is so much more coordinated than I ever thought about being.

Now onto a funny G story from Sunday night. I was putting G's clothes away in her bedroom and the dog barked to be let in. I asked G to go let her in which she did. Well, at least I heard the door open and shut. G came back in the room and I promptly forgot about my request regarding the dog. A few mins. later I heard the dog bark to be let in. I said, "G did you let the dog in?" She said, "Yes." I said, "Then why is she barking?" G said, "I guess she wants out."

So I called the dog's name which in normal circumstances results in said dog running to me all wiggly and happy wanting to be loved but in this circumstance no dog. I in turn stepped into the dining room to look out the back door and saw the dog on the opposite side of the door than I was. I said, "G I thought you let the dog in?" She said, "I did." I said, "Then why is she outside?" G said, "Well, I opened the door." I said, "If you didn't see the dog come into the house then you didn't let the dog in."

Last night while telling my mom about the being let in or not on the newly retrieved phone G said, "Well I wanted to be first." Then it all clicked. You see, G opened the door, the dog jumped off the step to come through the door but G wanted to be first in line and let the door shut thinking the dog came in right behind her but not leaving it opened long enough to actually let the dog in. Sometimes my head just wants to explode from the kinder-logic.


Jennifer said...

Glad you got your phone back, but sorry no job offer. Cute basketball shots. Sophie is so excited about it she can't stand it.
Love kinder-logic.

Heather BT said...

Both kids are good about letting the dogs in or out. The thing is, sometimes they don't know when the dog has passed them, so they stand there and continue shouting, while a bewildered dog stands behind them, inside.

I hope Glenys has fun playing ball!