Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanskgiving!

G's Thanksgiving list (as quoted to me by G):

1. friends
2. family
3. Kleenex
4. mama's love
5. earth
6. God made the earth special
7. water
8. hearts
9. movies
10. bacation
11. Jesus died on the cross
12. pilgrims
13. Indians
14. light
15. planets
16. pictures of mama (not that there are many of them around)
17. The sky because Jesus is up there
18. God
19. books about Jesus
20. poem books
21. disciples
22. animals
23. projects and colors
24. good germs
25. everything in this wuherld (aka: world) for Jesus and God

My Thanksgiving list:

1. My wonderful, fantastic daughter, G
2. wonderful parents
3. friends
4. Jesus salvation offered for free
5. vacations
6. if I have to be unemployed, now is the best time because of the extensions
7. antibiotics and sinus medicine
8. my cameras
9. Christmas coming
10. crafts
11. movies to watch with my daughter
12. books
13. for not having a serious illness
14. for living in a country (for now anyway) that is free and has the best medical care (not health care) in the world which is exactly what the world needs-medical care not health care.
15. a bed to sleep in
16. a place to live
17. clean water to shower and cook
18. shoes to wear not just to wear but to wear for style as much as protection
19. ministries that help the poor and orphaned in the world
20. a currently working car (or SUV, paid for)


K said...

Very cute. I think Kleenex is near and dear to a lot of us this time of year.

Happy Thanksgiving.

kerri said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Vivian M said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Your lists are both awesome :o)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh I love both lists.....I love G's heart for the Lord...don't you? She always makes me smile;)