Monday, November 30, 2009

Home Again, Home Again-Doing a Jig

G had a wonderful time on the "bacation." She loved my aunt's dogs. She wore herself out so that by Friday afternoon she fell asleep on my lap sitting up watching a Christmas video and slept about 30 mins or so. The dogs were still napping on Saturday afternoon from her visit and playing with them. Last night G told me that my aunt would def. miss her walking the dogs with her every afternoon. G even said that my aunt would prefer to have G there walking the dogs there than to have my uncle back with her to walk the dogs, heh.

The drive home was roughly uneventful. I say roughly because G periodically complained of being car sick, except that she doesn't get car sick so like any good mom I ignored her was very concerned and rolled her window down and back up several times to get her fresh air. She did sit on the side of the car with the window and the very intense sun. So as I pulled off the interstate onto the road to take us home, G threw up. I drove us home so I pulled over and thankfully we had clean clothes to change her on the side of the road. Dad cleaned the car out when they went home.

They basically dropped me at my car so I could go get the dog and clean up the cats' expected mess. I was not disappointed in the cats; they made a glorious mess! YUCK! Oh and G said, "I can't beweeve we selled ahr dog." I said, "We didn't sell our dog, G." She said, "Well, selling is the same as giving it away and we selled hur."

Boy were all of our animals glad to see us. That night all three of them slept somewhere on top of me. Poor Simon didn't even do his usual kneading, he just plopped down on top of both G and me to make sure we stayed put, I guess.

Going back to school was very hard leading to an after school melt down. Don't ya just love those? Oh but G is ready to go back for Christmas break, heh.


Super Mommy said...

Motion sickness is horrible. G is know those doggies are going to miss her! Hope tomorrow is not so rough for her getting back into the swing....

Vivian M said...

Glad you are home safe and sound and the pets are all OK! Welcome home!