Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's a Bacation

My very kind parents agreed to pay to board my dog so G and I could accompany them to Nashvegas to visit my mom's sister who is spending (or was) Thanksgiving alone. We are leaving today. G became very stressed about this "bacation" and truly cried because she didn't know where we would sleep (Aunt has lots of beds), with what she would play (bring some games), what she would eat (I reminded her that my aunt has a kitchen and there are grocery stores to buy her "durty wice" and mac n cheese or noodles), what about an accident (in clothes not car-take extras), what about the cats (leaving them with food/water), where is Clementine going? (to a kennel) and all other combination of kindergarten worries.

She wants to take everything including all her "thousands of toys." She said most grown ups don't like "chiwldwen's shows" so what is she going to watch? And what about K-LUB? (KLOVE the radio station). She even asked me what about the clocks? I told her we aren't moving so we don't need to pack our clocks.

So far she has packed two board games, her baby doll's clothes, the tiger that she likes baby doll to ride on, the horse she received as a bday gift, wanted to take all of her cars (ALL. OF. THEM.-I said NO), jacks, two decks of cards, 5 DVD movies, and anything else she could think of that would fit in the "here mama there is some space" part of the suitcase. I packed one suitcase for the both of us last night.

She even has an activity bag for the car. Not sure who is going to ride in the back to entertain. Probably grandad, don't feel sorry for him, he enjoys it.

So we plan on one evening visiting the Opryland hotel to see the lights and just hanging out visiting. I told G this is like her first Bacation she can remember. Literally is the first overnight for me since 2006, WOW! I almost forgot how to pack a suitcase, heh.

Nashvegas, Baby! HERE WE COME!


Super Mommy said...

G is so cute...she's really thinking about all the possiblities (no kiddie shows, where to sleep). I hope you all have a great bacation and wonderful Thanksgiving!

AZMom said...

Have a safe and fun trip!

Shanti said...

hey, there! i forgot to ask for your mailing address (DUH!) so i can send you your gift card!
is it ok if i send it early next week?
you can e-mail me at:


Kristin said...

Have a wonderful trip! I hope once you are on the road, all the stresses fade away. :)

Vivian M said...

Have a safe and wonderful Bacation and a happy Thanksgiving! Oh, and Miss G is a natural, Kerri packs a ton too. Must take after her Mama, lol. Enjoy!

Jennifer said...

I hope you guys had a great time. We weren't here or I would have loved to see you guys again.
I've never taken Nataly to Opryland. At some point, I guess we will...but it probably won't be this year!
I love reading about what G says...too cute!!