Friday, November 13, 2009

Kindergarten Teacher Update

Ms. C does indeed have cancer. She has an aggressive (apparently) lymphoma but she didn't say it was non-Hodgkin's or not. She did say her doc is very pleased with whatever it is because of his belief that chemo and radiation will wipe it out. Ms. C is being wiped out by the cancer already. She has decided that she is going to take off Mon-Wed(her oncology appt) because she is so tired. She is wearing support hose to help with the swelling in her legs. Ms. C has really aged in these three months of school even.

G was trying to explain them to me last night and got frustrated for me not understanding what she said; although, I did understand or figured I knew what she had and I was right. G had to ask her today what they were and Ms. C gladly showed them and let her touch them. She said that G touched them like they would bite her, heh.

Yes, I did go again this week (non-intentional third time) to have lunch with G and was asked by the distar teacher to come visit them when I am there next week (she knows I go once a week for the whole day). I haven't gone to sit in on G's distar group because I wasn't sure how G would react or if she would participate with me there. She can be very funny about participating when I am around.

Today I met the pre-school teacher, Ms. E, there to introduce her to the principal and Ms. C so Ms. E can use her break time to tutor some and try to get a job there soon. The principal said next fall there would be openings as they are adding 4 new classes onto the building. I appreciate Ms. E's faith in me to help her get a job there but really I don't have a job so how does she think I am going to help her?

Ms. E is going to have to quit the daycare in order to get into the district, first as a sub then as a teacher. While she waits her two weeks out she is going to volunteer on her break to help some of the more behind kids. Her hubby wants her to quit but she is the reluctant one. I think she thinks it won't keep her busy enough nor pay well enough. On the pay she is right but the busy she is wrong. They always ALWAYS need subs. And no I don't want to sub.


Tough Cookie Mommy said...

How sad that the teacher is ill...It is so difficult to explain that to children that young. I can't imagine why anyone would want to sub. I always feel sorry for the subs that come to work in my school. Middle Schoolers are definitely not nice to them.

Vivian M said...

I am so sorry that Miss G's teacher is so sick, I hope she recovers.
By the way, we loved Kerri's sub last year, and still see her at school every now and then.