Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Lot of Things and Not So Much Really

I am debating about taking a nap and probably will soon. First off, our church has a methane gas leak and the numbers were so high that explosion was imminent. The gas and power folks turned off all the power and we had 1 service in the gym today. No word on how long it will take to fix as they aren't sure where it is. It had been leaking and smelling for a bit now, but someone called for help to find out what the smell was and discovered there was quite a bit of danger in the wings. Thankfully no one was hurt and the church is still standing. It is a new church building and really has had problems already but this is a BIG problem.

Second, G and I attended a Chinese tea ceremony at a botanical garden near here. It was nice. We toured the gardens and learned of different varieties of plants/trees that are native to China/Asia generally. The peach originated in China even though some people think it originated in Persia. I didn't know but now I am glad I do. I learned that the very stinky tree next to my old house was a Chinese chestnut tree. American chestnut trees were all or mostly all damaged during a chestnut blight several years ago. The Chinese chestnut tree wasn't susceptible to it so it survived. The guy who did the plant tour was very cute knowledgeable so I videoed him talking about some of the plants.

Third, I attended on Friday, thanks to my therapist arranging it, the adoption conference. I wasn't as excited about it as last year's but the speaker was actually really good. Michele Borba who is a former special ed teacher now author and frequent guest on CNN, NBC, FOX News, CBS. She was really good, and I was glad to hear her.


K said...

I'm glad all ended well with the church. That sounds like it's might have been very dangerous.

Don and Denise Sullivan said...

Very cool tea ceremony! I didn't know that about the peach either. Who woulda thunk?

Christy said...

What a cool tea ceremony at the botanical gardens. That sounds like a neat thing to attend. Glad all turned out ok with the church-- freaky!!! Glad all is well with you guys.


Undercover-Princess said...

She looks beautiful!!

Vivian M said...

I am so very glad the church did not suffer any damage and the leak can be fixed (once they find it I guess). How very scary!
Love the pictures of the tea ceremony and Miss G in her cute Chinese outfit!

Marla said...

She looks adorable in her outfit! Looks like a very cool ceremony.