Monday, November 02, 2009

The Pedophile Protection Act

otherwise known as Hate Crime Legislation was signed into law. The Dems put it on the Defense Spending Bill because they knew it wouldn't pass on its own merit as it creates a special class of citizens and will not treat people fairly. It is totally against the 14th Amendment of our constitution that guarantees fair and unbiased treatment under the law. A person can now be charged with a hate crime based on some one's feeling like they have been threatened whether or not they have. It is a thought controlling law.

If a pedophile attempts to grab your child and you scream or hit that person to stop them you will be charged with a hate crime because your action is against the pedophile's action which is based in his own sexual orientation, that being toward children. Dems wouldn't allow any wording that would stop the protection of sexual deviants.

So we have a higher class of citizen now protected by federal laws. Don't get me wrong, it def. panders to the very extreme liberal left of the Democrat party but it harms America. This is nothing but politicizing crimes.

Starr Parker has a wonderful piece about the wrongness of this bill. Senator Harry Reid is the responsible party and I hope he pays in 2010.

Here is an excerpt: "Can we really believe that someone capable of murder is less likely to do so if the victim is a homosexual and the penalties are greater?

"It should be clear that hate crime law has nothing to do with improving our law but rather with creating favored political classes. It is something that should be hateful to everyone who cares about a free society, and particularly hateful to those, such as blacks, who have been victimized by politicization of law."

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