Monday, November 02, 2009

Weekday Ramblings

If you are wondering where the Halloween pictures are I will put you out of your misery right now. There are none! That's right. NONE! You see, G doesn't really like to dress up and after the last year's undressing right before entering the whole trunks of treat fair I decided we wouldn't do any Halloween-ing this year.

Two, much too old, kids stopped by Saturday trick or treating (literally we had been home 5 mins) and being the anti-halloween-er I am I gave them Easter candy. YEP you read that right, EASTER candy from G's Easter party back in April. Now it was not opened and probably still good but we never or rarely have trick or treaters since our area has not one but 4 churches doing the whole trunks of treat dealio that very few, read that NONE-houses actually keep candy or are home for the trick or treating tweens.

Oh and after spending the day, Saturday, at my parents playing on the computer (G not me, I watched) I can't find my cell phone which is the only phone we have. I texted via my e-mail both parents for them to see if it is there but neither are technically savvy enough to know I texted or figure out how to answer me, maybe!?!?!?! 'Cuz I haven't heard from either. AND I can't text again because I get a message that since they haven't answered the first text it won't accept my other texts.

I did remember that I forgot to tell them who I was but I figured that since I am the only one out of their 4 kids to lose things regularly at their house they may know already who I am. Who'd a thunk I would have needed to remind them?!?! Plus I am the only one within driving distance of less than 15 mins so you know they should know, right?

I usually don't lose things like cell phones, except for that one time I lost my very favorite phone at a concert where many bottles of the vine had been opened and consumed at a concert waaaaay before motherhood struck. Oh and then there was that other time I left it on the table or by the computer at my parents' house needing outside intervention of a friend to call them and tell them they had it, or that one time I lost it in my car only to be found the two days later next day. But other than THOSE times I am not a regular cell phone loser.

You know what will happen now? I will get the job offer of the century but will have no way of responding because I won't know I will get it and then it will be past the deadline to call back from the message and the phone battery will be run down too. It seems to me the older I get the less responsible I become.

I will admit barring the thoughts of desperately needing to call people now that I don't have the phone, the silence is a bit nice.


Heather BT said...

If you had the type of Halloween you liked, then I am glad. I certainly don't need the candy that is in this house, that's for sure. Calli loved it. Acer gets stressed by it but enjoys it for about 10 minutes.

Vivian M said...

Glad you found your phone! We get tons of trick or treaters here, since we live in a very family oriented suburb. Unfortunately, Kerri and hubby eat most of the chocolate candy before we get a chance to hand it out!