Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Long 2009

Don't let the door smack your rotten arse on the way out!

2010 cannot be as bad as 2009 which for me is ranking as the WORST year of my life, and there are few years that can even be compared in this worst category even though I have had bad years before, hasn't everyone?

I am not thinking that 2010 is going to be a magical year or that there will be anything spectacular but I just can't fathom that 2010 will be any worse than 2009. The thing is, we are at bottom so we can only go up from here right?

Okay so you wanna hear another Christmas miracle? My parents bought G (at my request) a portable DVD player that upon opening didn't actually have sound. So my mom and I took it back only to find out that there are no more of this brand. Instead we were able to swap it for a def. upgrade, a digital TV with DVD player. G can get real TV now instead of just having to watch movies.

Way back in 1995 I turned my TV off; it seemed to suck my time and energy away. I have a TV but no cable, no antenna, no digital converter or satellite. We have a TV (and I have had a TV) for movies only and only in the last three years did we get a DVD player.

So back to the little 7 inch digital TV, G will love having Qubo anyway and PBS now instead of only and always relying on movies for her entertainment. She asked me last week why we didn't have TV like grammie and grandad, heh. Of course we still don't as they have satellite and we def won't have that.

So maybe tomorrow or the next day I will post my plans for the new year. Tonight I am going to dinner with a friend and her hubs then watch Sherlock Holmes. G called her grammie and very pitifully begged her way into a sleepover tonight. I totally planned my evening after the fact and thankfully my friend and her hubby didn't have in stone plans.

So don't get too crazy my interweb friends. Have a safe and happy new year's eve.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Was Our Nation Founded on the Judeo-Christian Faith?

You will find out reading this book just how deeply entrenched God and the Bible was in the lives of our Founding Fathers. Even the Deist, Thomas Jefferson, believed as his 1785 Notes on the State of Virginia proves:
"God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever. Commerce between master and slave is despotism. Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people are to be free."
Newt Gingrich takes readers on a walking tour of DC to show us how God played a very large part in our founding. He points out all the ways the monuments speak to His glory and the glory of our free (for now) nation. Callista Gingrich's photos are remarkable. Everyone should own a copy of this book especially if you are going to take a trip to DC in the near (or far) future.
Don't ever again let anyone tell you that our nation was founded as a secular nation without God's blessing or divine purpose. Reading this book will put the first dent in that very wrong belief!
I received a copy of this book in exchange for this post.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Is the House that G Built

And other after Christmas ramblings. G's grandad bought G a Dora fishing pole, a real fishing pole. Yes, she is excited about her own fishing pole.

The picture though with the biggest smile was over the Lego set that created that house. It came with three books of instructions for the three different houses. G put this house together yesterday and is currently working on another house today.

We watched all but one DVD yesterday and one DVD twice. We are watching the last DVD right now which is a dragon movie grandad picked out for G. Yes it is scary with evil incantations and the ultimate battle of good and evil.

We also played two of our games, Chinese checkers (G won) and mancala (our new fav.). By the way anyone who knows the rules of mancala please e-mail me at bdm9370 at yahoo dot com.
What I want to know is the rule about moving pieces into or out of cups that has only 1 piece or into a cup with a lot of pieces. See G and I were tying an awful lot and that just doesn't seem right somehow. I already know that the object is not clearing your own side first but in gathering the most pieces so I got that part. There also has to be some rule about hoarding or not hoarding pieces and which cups go first?? I have looked on line and read our instructions, both were a bit skimpy.

G has a new favorite movie- The Secret Garden. It is a cartoon version and pretty well done. I can't wait until she is ready to read the book with me.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Day Post (early morning ::snort::)

A vision of years to come? This is G's "most present" of the morning. It is her gameboy, AKA Leapster2. See it is a true Santa-sorta story. About 3 weeks ago after I posted G's Christmas list, a friend from where I used to work called me and said his little girl (same age as G) has a leapster2 that she doesn't play with ever. S's daughter has a big sister so Leapster is so yesterday and DS is the cat's meow for her, so he gave us her leapster and 6 games. I went to the wally world and priced games just to see, and y'all let me tell you the cheapest game was $20, not to mention the whole leapster itself. So G racked up due to the kindness of S, Thanks S!!

She has been playing it non-stop. I let Santa bring it and the computer. This is by far G's favorite game. She hasn't even eaten breakfast and now we have been up for an hour. I may have to not replace the batteries to get her back, heh.

She hasn't really paid much attention to the other Santa gifts yet and we haven't opened any of the wrapped ones which is fine by me. I thought my parents were going to stop by this morning but when I called mom was still asleep. Oh well.

So today we will hang out in our jams and play games all day. G has a cough and is quite congested. That is what happens when it is 52 the day before Christmas and then very very cold the day of. Not sure what the temp is but it is really cold.

Merry Chirstmas

From our Family to yours,
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
May All of Your Christmas Wishes Come True.
Here is hoping that 2010 is a much better year than 2009.
May You Come to Know the Christ of the Season,
The Only One Who Can Fill Your Deepest Longings.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had great plans today. We were going to help deliver packages to those worse off than we for our church's youth group. Well we were supposed to be there at 8am, but at 7:15 I realized we weren't going to make it. First, I forgot to turn on the alarm, so we overslept. Second, G was sleeping soundly after a 3am waking from pain in her legs causing serious tears! And third, I wasn't sure that whatever hit me last night keeping me close to a bathroom was truly gone.

We had gone to my cousins last night for dinner and to open gifts with my uncle. My little cousin E is one school grade ahead of G, so mostly on their own they get along wonderfully.

Not having any money this year I baked my cousin's family a chocolate/raspberry cake and gave my uncle a small ornament of G. In return my uncle gave me a chaffing dish???? and G a doll that sings I'm a little tea pot. They are really kind to us even when we can't reciprocate. Sadly we didn't cut into the cake I brought. I really wanted to taste it, heh.

My parents gave my uncle a pen and pencil set that my 12 year old nephew made. It was really a pretty set. He has business cards too.

This morning we woke up at 10am. We had breakfast about 11ish then we did crafts. The first failed like a ball of fire with my stress level jumping up 20,000 notches. Why did it matter? I don't know, but the miscommunication that ended that first project so badly set a piss poor tone that I had to leave the room. Then we did it again and got it right, YEA! Us.

Now we are waiting to attend our church's advent service. This will be a yearly tradition for us. Growing up in the baptist church (at least around here) we didn't do advent. My childhood church is now celebrating advent so they too are having a service.

I am going to have to be careful about writing on the blog as G is reading now. Granted tough words still get by her but she is sounding out words over my shoulder.

After the service I have declared it movie afternoon/evening, and we are watching old Christmas movies like Holiday Inn, White Christmas and Christmas in Connecticut. We have watched Miracle on 34th St. twice already. G really likes that one.

If it would stop raining I would be happy. My parents are heading to my sister's tomorrow sometime. Not sure when we will do Christmas with them. Maybe after they come home so we can prolong the fun. So now off to finish getting ready for the evening! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Yep, Just Like the Pictures on the Box


At least she had a great time making them. And yes it did take two adults and one 5 year old to create our very own ginger-hood, heh.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Zoo Lights

Last night G and I went to see the zoo lights in big city. It was lovely and cold. They had a very talented and funny magician, Santa Clause and most of the exhibits opened. The ones we liked best were the ones inside to get warm, heh!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

God Sings a Love Song Over You to Call You to Himself

Won't you answer His call? Let the words of this song penetrate your heart and breathe new life into your Christmas.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Girl, Her Mom and Her Grandmom

working on a Saturday project. We made pillows out of G's favorite t-shirts that she either no longer wore or could no longer wear. We made 4 and ran out of stuffing on the two purple ones. But here is some of the pictures of working on them and stuffing them. Mom had done this same project with me and my brother one summer but only to one t-shirt each. I think I still have mine some where. It was a starsky and hutch t-shirt with my name on the back. It was from like 4th grade, heh.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sick of Santa Yet?

This will make the third different Santa visit this year. Yesterday at G's school we saw Santa. Oh that many 1st and K's seeing Santa pass through their morning assembly, HOW FUN! Seriously, they were adorable! It was pajama day at the school so the majority of kids wore theirs. One little girl in G's class forgot then cried a bit about it. Made me sad.

One little girl got in trouble on the bus coming into school and was suspended for the day. More than likely she spent the day with the wrath of her mom which isn't good but won't change. That made me a bit sad too. Of course the day went much better without her there but still I felt badly for her under the punishment of her mom.
G was so excited about yesterday that she woke up and yelled, "Yea, It's Pajama Day. Mama, did you think I was going to wake up and yell 'yea, it's pajama day'?" Then she got ready without nary a nagging word word from me. We were even able to drop by the wally world for an activity for the class and not be late for school. How is that for excited? Today was back to the same ole, same ole, heh.

This is our tree with the gifts before yesterday. The flowers were taken to teachers at school. They looked really pretty, two cherry blossoms and one yellow orchid (none real). I can't wait to see it with the Santa gifts around it. Also, I am setting the Christmas cards that aren't photo cards in front of it so help it look more Christmas-y.
When G saw the display, she did that half smile/not smile thing she does and then promptly colored me a picture that I have not seen yet. She did it for my Christmas present. I can't wait to see it. She rolled it up, and we put it in a decorative bag so I couldn't see it, then she hid it under one of the other gifts. No matter what that will be my most favorite gift this year. She totally put lots of thought into whatever she drew even asking the names of the colors to decide if that indeed was the right color to use. It was precious!
I believe after that I have decided that I will never (until G asks) wrap something up I have bought for me to give to me from G. I think that would send a message that only things bought have value and that is so. not. true. I never knew until I started receiving things G made me just how valuable those things are.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Is Up With the World?

So much going on in the news and so much news being ignored by the main stream media. What about Climategate? I mean Algore is holding on to the whole humans causing bad things to happen to the earth because humans are bad, boo. So, if less people on the earth would be a good thing then why do we care about weapons of mass destruction, starvation and death? Just wondering. Again, I have said this before, humans don't cause climate change. We need to stop worshiping the earth, stop feeling the void in our hearts with creatures instead of the Creator.

Then the whole Tiger Woods fall from grace. Why are the feminists not dissing Elin for not being more open minded with the whole sexual equality thing, instead holding stringently to the whole fidelity in marriage belief system? Isn't that what feminism is against anyway?

I remember in the 90s a female officer of the Navy, I believe, being dishonorably discharged for continuing an affair with a married man who also was an officer. The feminists screeched about the unfairness of discharging that woman who was only doing what men do all the time with all that equal sex thing, never mind about the wife and dead marriage. Maybe if Elin had not been a stay at home mom holding to the foundation of traditional marriage, Tiger wouldn't have stepped out of bounds, hmmmm. NAH! Tiger's mental faculties were only able to control the golf game not the sexual temptation thrown at him.

Elin is truly the victim here, and an honorable one, who wishes, despite the infidelity, to hold onto her marriage and fight for it. Good for her, she needs prayers of the faithful to give her strength to do so.

Of course, the other women who went on national television and actually had the gall to say they thought they were the only women, and that Tiger would NEVER have done that to them!?!?! yeah, cheat with you, cheat on you. How foolish can women be? Seriously, if you are the other woman then how could you even think you are the "Only one"? I mean okay, the only one other than the wife which makes you one of two? It defies common sense.

Then we have Idiobama accepting the Nobel Prize but dissing the whole country from which it came!! Personally I say it serves them right. Don't mess in the politics of our government. He never deserved this award; it was totally political.

And what about the whole univited quests at the White House? Group number two crashes to eat with Obama. Worried much? You should be. So much disregard for the security of our nation.

Oh and what about the fact that 93% of Obama's appointments/cabinet/advisers have no (read that absolutely NONE) experience in the private sector. They are all from public (read tax payer funded jobs) or government jobs. Could be the reason our economy sucks though.

Also, it took Bush roughly between 5-8 years to get as low in the polling as Obama has done in a year. The fastest decline of any president since polling started. HMMMMM!

So where is the world going to? Well to our Lord and His Christ as the Hallelujah Chorus suggests.

Upward and Onward


Do you like the action shot with G in the air? I didn't even know I got that one. The coach is very patient. I think though he should start them off by playing keep away so they get the concept of throwing the ball and playing on a team. I may mention that next Monday.
See the boy in the stripes? He is 6 and not one of the other team members come up to his shoulder even. His mom has three boys and they are all tall. Two of the boys are tall and big, one is just tall. They all three play basketball in their own age group. This one is in G's school too. Tallest boy in the whole kindergarten I think! His mom said he weighed 9lbs at birth. She said her hubby is 6'7". All I have to say about that is WOW! He is the baby.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Suspense, It Must Be Killing You

So did you wonder about the possible job and interview outcome? Well, no phone call and no offer. YIPPEE! That is a blessing in disguise you know. See how I worry even when there was truly no need to worry.

Friday, I received a call/message from a headhunter when I was here. I got back in touch with him around 5:30ish that evening. There is a possible position in a town about 45 mins to an hour away from me that may be a good possibility. I would love to be considered for it, but so far (today on Tuesday) I haven't heard anything. I don't know how slow or how quick they move or if I am even eligible for it.

Right now I am sipping steamed vanilla milk as it is way too late for a hit of coffee in it though the last two nights I have drunk coffee late. I also felt the affects when my feet kept moving long after I went to bed, heh.

I had to go out and pick up the last three little items for the teacher gifts. Did I mention somewhere that G has 5 different teachers who actually teach her during the week? If I didn't I will now, G has 5 different teachers every week who actually teach her something in kindergarten. We didn't have 5 teachers or even close to that until 6th grade and then it was only 3. So yea, 5 teacher gifts. I managed well before this happened to buy 5 very inexpensive (deeply clearanced) items from the bullseye store but three of them were decorative only vases. Today I found plastic flowers to go in them for three teachers. Two gifts are ceramic things that says something about happiness is good health and a bad memory. I thought that was perfect for a kindergarten teacher, heh.

Today outside winter returned. Yesterday I thought we were heading into an Indian summer but alas today, it is freakin' cold. It has gotten colder by the hour even, thus the need for a late afternoon steamed milk.

Tomorrow I will post about G's first basketball practice with pictures. Let me just state for the record, I am so very glad I did not volunteer to coach or help or really be around in any way because teaching six 5/6 year olds how to play basketball and the whole concept of teamwork would make my head explode. Maybe there needs to be a wonderpets series on it.

Oh Christmas Tree

Well, here it is. The painted tree in all of its now decorated glory. G made the paper chain and we used beads for the ornaments.
G told me last night we needed some presents to go under it. I told her we had presents to actually place around it for Christmas.
I guess I need to get to wrapping them since I have only three more days until she is on break. Christmas always seems to sneak up on me as far as getting the packages wrapped or sending the cards etc. So there you have it. Really easy for times when you don't have room for a tree.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Saturday's Visit With Santa

We had the opportunity to visit with Santa again this year. Since G is no longer afraid of Santa we will take every chance we can to see him as often as we can.
The funny thing is I have already told G the truth about the Santas, that they aren't real, because she was so afraid I was trying to get her to not be afraid in the past. This year though her wonderment hasn't been deterred by my past dealings on Santa. I want her to believe for a little while longer anyway. If however at any time she asks me directly and I can tell she really wants to know then I won't lie. She has asked and I turned the question back to "well, what do you think?" That works for now.
So this is her picture with this Santa. He even knew her name, ;].

Small Town Christmas Parade

Thursday night G and I attended our small town's Christmas parade. This is actually the first parade G has ever seen. Last year it was cancelled several times due to rain so this year after only a two day delay we finally got to go. It was COLD. We walked down to it only because it passed right near our house but it was still COLD.

A friend showed up with her granddaughter. They brought a chair and blanket. I left G with them, ran home, got our chair and blanket, and made it back before the start. That is how close we live by the way. We got there a wee bit too early but I wasn't sure what to expect. So G got a bit grumpy and cold while there.

The funny thing, well two funny things really, happened with Santa and then when we got home. We bundled pretty good and G kept saying she was cozy or wanted to be cozy, heh. Okay as Santa came riding on the ladder of the fire truck he sees G and our little friend and calls them both by name. Of course this Santa also goes to church with my mom and G has had her pic with him the last two years at daycare, heh. She looks at me and says, "Mama, how did he know my name?" Then she calls my mom (last picture with her frozen nose and cheeks) and tells her that Santa "knows all the chilwrens' names."

Our friends had parked there car where we happened to be and drove us home. I asked G if she wanted to just walk home and she said, "No I want to be cozy." So when we were on our steps G said, "Mama, my toes are really cold." I said, "I know baby, how about we get our shower together and just jump in the bed." She got really animated and said, "That was just what I was thinking, Mama! You must can read my mind!"

Forgive the quality of the video and darker pictures, I had my cannon video/camera with no flash and then it started frosting over.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Boy What a Madhouse But Such a Good Day

Today was the food give-a-way sponsored by a para church ministry here in town. My mom and I spent three days last week with several other folks to help qualify the 300 families/individuals to be able to receive the food. Today was the big give-a-way. Last month we gave to 150 families/individuals. This month was 300 with 95 over the 300 turned away so probably in Febuary we will be closer to giving away to 400.

So you know how when God's people go up against the evils of the devil that he doesn't take it sitting down? Well, the recipients were scheduled 50 recipients per 30 mins starting at 9:00 through 11:30. The food was supposed to be there at 8am. Most people even with assigned times came either really early or somewhat late. The first two food trucks turned the opposite way from the church (give-a-way location) and had to be chased down. Then once that was unloaded they had to go get another truckload. The first group of people (those with 9am appts.) didn't even get to line up to receive the food until 11:30am.

Yep, we had a room (fellowship hall) full of families waiting ever so patiently for the food. We discovered three errors in names taken over the phone, luckily corrected for their food. Finally, at 2:30pm the last of us (which was me and my parents) left for lunch ourselves. There were still people showing up even as I picked G up (at the same location) at 4:15, I redirected one such person to the ministry office. There were 26 applicants that didn't bother to show up for the free food out of the 300 confirmed appointments.

My mom had actually told me to be at the location this morning at 7:30 because that was what time she would be there. But I show up and I am the one and only for 30 mins. Then two more people show up before my mom. I called her when I realized I was there alone and she was eating her breakfast. Okay, sure mom, 7:30, heh. Anyway, we ended up being the last ones there too.

Last time I was outside helping with the hand out and enjoyed that. I wanted to do that again. Sadly or much to my relief I got to stay inside helping with the paperwork and answering questions. At one point we found a few ladies willing to lead everyone in Christmas carols or hymns which was fun.

Also, everybody, even though they were a bit put out, realized that is was just one of those things that couldn't be helped were very very kind. The director of the ministry said she was very excited about today because she knew she would get at least 100 hugs. She was right. I received a few myself. What better way to start off the true Christmas spirit other than hugs?

And because everyone had to wait on their food, the director got to give a message about the reason for the season, telling people about the real reason Jesus came which was to die for the sins of every person ever born or ever to be born in this world, for reconcilliation with Jesus' Father in heaven. How awesome is that?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gaining a Clearer Picture

So I finally spoke to an Unemployment office outside of my county because my county office has a way of making all laid off people feel like dog poo when questions are asked of them. So here is what I have managed to figure out based on information from the website, the laws regarding UI, and talking to a person who either understands the plight of the unemployed or at least cares.

When I became unemployed I filed and received 26 weeks of unemployment from the state. Based on the state's unemployment rate compared to the national rate the extension benefits which are a federal benefit were triggered. Extension benefits are not new but are not always used because the individual state unemployment must be higher than the national average inorder to pay them out.

So based on that I was able to receive the first level of extension benefits. Then there are 3 more tiers at 13 weeks each but are triggered individually by an act of the federal government, ie, the law signed on Nov 9, 2009 for level 2 &3 benefit extensions and also triggered by the individual states unemployment being above 7% and something else being above 4%. Level 4 hasn't been enacted yet. So basically this means that as I file benefits for the next three week I should, barring anything weird from the feds or my own original claim, be automatically in the level 2 for 13 weeks, and then level 3 for another 13 weeks after that.

Potentially I should get another 26 weeks of unemployment as long as I don't turn down a full time job. There is the rub isn't it. If that truck company offers me the job I think I will ask for more than $11 which will not be a turning down of a job as much as bargaining for more. I will flat out ask for 12.50 an hour which is still way low but half way between the $11 and $14 I really need. Maybe I should just ask for $14 an hour. Maybe I am just stupid too wishful thinking too. Or maybe I should call now and say I need that position to pay at least this amount higher than $11. Or maybe I should just ask for advice and ignore the phone tomorrow so that I can't say I was actually offered if they should call?

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

No Room, NO ROOM

We do not have any room to put up a Christmas tree this year because of a train table that came this summer and some hand-me-down clothing that graciously came our way but really needs to be stored for 3 years until G grows into them.

So yesterday, I painted our Christmas tree. Then it got too wet to actually finish with painting ornaments etc so I have to wait. Then tonight G and I started making a small paper chain (that G kept calling a key chain) to tape to the tree when we are ready to make it a bit more 3 dimensional. G asked why the star couldn't be yellow. Well our real star for our real fake tree is red.

Yesterday, when I couldn't paint anything else on the tree but still wanted to paint and had one last clean canvas, I painted the background to I am not sure what I will paint on it later. I am thinking maybe a night time church scene with lots of stars. The shine is not painted but the flash of the camera.
I also cleaned up a copy of a Chinese painting but then they all were too wet to add any more paint. I will have to keep working on that one too.
By the time I finished painting, it was only 10:30 a.m. and I cursed my luck for having WAAAYYY too much time left in the day, heh. I really had thought it was much later like at least lunch time. So I figured it was lunch time somewhere and went to fix noodles.
My parents paid to have my car fixed and so far it was only $240. I say "only" because he fixed the cheapest possibility. The mechanic said it could either be one of two things but he wasn't totally sure so he fixed the cheaper of the two and said to watch it. My parents trust him and since they are paying for it I will too. One time though one of the mechanics at the same place put my brake pads on backwards to another car and then they wouldn't fix it when I found out what had happened. He is a rather gruff fellow too. Again though, beggars can't be choosers so I will remain the lowly beggar in this situation and not complain be grateful.

On a Much Better Note

MckMama is giving away an HP touch screen computer. Go sign up and see if you will win. Again I would love to win it but will be happy for whoever is chosen.

So what are you still doing here? Go, run along and register for your one or three chances to win!

Job Interview Today

So I had a job interview today at a trucking place for a billing clerk for $11 an hour. That is less than the unemployment by a lot actually considering the unemployment is gross without withholding anything. The $11 an hour will be subject to fed taxes and medicare/ss and is still more than the maximum to be eligible for food stamps for two people.

So the interviewer said she can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to get off unemployment and work for them as she had been having a time getting places filled. Well, she went on to explain that the job is 8-5 and very busy with some required late nights or early mornings. But yet she doesn't understand why someone would rather stay on unemployment which gives a guaranteed amount of money each week and the freedom to continue to look for better jobs or do whatever else they want? She honestly thinks people would rather work for someone else making just barely above poverty level and stay so busy there is no free time to even look when unemployment is still an option? She honestly didn't understand.

And for some of you in the blogosphere reading this, you who have never had to be on unemployment, I would imagine you would agree. I would have agreed with her before I ended up on it. But you see taking this job is going to be a huge decrease in income because taxes will be owed and medicare will be taken out not to mention now I will have to pay more in gas because the vehicle will be in use everyday for a longer drive though the job is in my same city. Daycare still must be paid and if I start before the holidays there is an increase in daycare expense for the two weeks the kids are out.

The only good thing is the dress code is so lax that in the summer, what appears to be workout clothes are acceptable. In the winter basically the same thing. Role out of bed, go to work. So no need to buy clothes that look even half way acceptable.

But if the job is offered, I will take it because being on unemployment is driving my parents crazy not to mention I am not sure how much longer I am allowed to stay on it. I mean to them it is more than simple economics, it is A JOB! You know the be all end all of everything.

Today, I just want to go back to bed, pull the covers over my head and sleep until this nightmare is over. Oh and about Obama's statement comparing the loss of 11,000 jobs in November the equivalent of zero job losses, yeah, that is stupid and patronizing. Ask any one of those 11,000 who were laid off if they agree and I guarandamntee you they don't. The loss of 11,000 would be fine if companies were hiring as well but they aren't. Even this company laid off several people in April. Wonder why they didn't call those back in?

Monday, December 07, 2009

Following the Money and Other Ramblings

Where did Obama get $200 billion for jobs?

Oh, I see!

Signs of desperation:

Henry Reid trying to keep his congressional seat and the EPA in trying to take over your rights by controlling the emission of green house gases despite the now erupting Climategate scandal.

The need to control large groups of people by a very few number is growing still. Wake up y'all or we will be a third world country from our own laws. I can tell you that I don't believe in man made climate change or global warming or whatever the newest political title for it is. See the Bible says that God will destroy the earth with fire. That was a promise He made at the time of the flood about not destroying the world with water again. When you start with the Bible as your world view your investigations go a different way as opposed to starting with an evolutionist world view. The Bible isn't a science book but a lot of scientific information can be found there as a starting point for more investigation. It can also relieve fears of great global catastrophes that make people crazy and cry over trees.

Yes, I think God could use man to destroy the earth, but I think He would have said so. In the Old Testament He made no qualms about telling the Israelites that He would use them to punish countries that failed to acknowledge Him. He also told the Israelites that He would use Babylon to punish the Israelites for their own betrayal and idolatry. So I don't think God would not tell us that humans will destroy the earth if He was going to use us to do so.

The thing is though that God gave no time frame about the end of the world and the bringing about a new heavens and a new earth which is the hope of the Christians around the world. He said it will happen when no one knows, so the predictions of global threat in and of themselves should have given Christians pause to say something is wrong here regarding global warming or freezing as was the concern in the 70s.

Galileo was first criticized by scientists before the church sanctioned him at the request of scientists. So maybe we in the church need to step back and not follow so closely scientific discoveries unless these discoveries first start in the Bible. I mean people found oil in the Middle East because of descriptions given in the Bible. Even George Washington Carver used the Bible as his starting point in his discoveries of all the uses of peanuts.

All that being said, we should take care of our earth but not because it gives us life or sustains us because God does that alone. He needs no help from us mere men. So now that climategate is upon us, we can smile knowing that God is in control and has our best interest at heart.
Isn't that the message of the babe in the manger and the man on the cross?

Using faulty science based in a wrong world view is damaging to us humans, so we must not take science as the be all end all, start and finish. Start with a correct world view to explore the world God gave us, and He will not hide anything from us!

Quick Clarification

Thanks for the kind words and prayers offered. I want to clarify that I am not bemoaning Christmas for G. I actually purchase her Christmas early so she is done. She is not getting everything on her list because: she doesn't need stuffed animals, rock collection is not something given it is something collected, we have projects all the time anyway (but I did get her some paint for stocking stuffers, leapfrog is just too expensive, and as far as the DVDs she asked for, she is getting one one her list and one she didn't ask for but I think she will like (I <3 Dollar Tree). She was looking at her videos when she was writing the list so she doesn't really want the ones she wrote she just wants some new DVDs. She doesn't need a new camera at all; she barely uses the one she does have.

About the computer that will do 4+4=8? I did find (on sale) a V-tech computer that is basically an age appropriate (ages 5-8) newer model than the one she has now which I hope I can convince her to give to our little friend AG. And this new one is blue, her fav. color.

She is getting some board games like Chinese checkers and mancala (read cheap games) and she is getting legos purchased in January before I got laid off for Christmas actually (see I told you I buy ahead). They were actually going to be Bday presents in April, but then I had too much for her for bday so I saved back the legos 2 sets actually. She did get one set earlier this year either for bday or family day I can't remember now.

So G won't have a sad/bad Christmas as far as stuff is concerned. She really wants to go back on "bacation" to see my aunt and her dogs in Nashville. That though is so not gonna happen. Plus Christmas isn't about stuff anyway. I am just stressed to the max about not having a job that it just is going to be a very tense, high emotion holiday, AGAIN! The last three Christmases have sucked actually as far as the stress level.

I just don't want anyone reading this to think that I upset that I can't give G a good Christmas because as far as stuff goes, I can. The most important thing though like a relaxing holiday atmosphere is going to be difficult with my stress and emotions. Fun times I tell you.

And if you are reading this and wondering why I am explaining about Christmas? you will need to go farther down in the blog to see why this Monday has shaped up to be just one more bad day in the life that is mine and read the comments for the need to clarify.

The Santa Visit and Wish List

So 5 for G is the magic number. No screaming, no worry and she talked to him!!

So this is a pic of her letter to Santa. First pic is of the leap frog hand held game she wants, next is a pic of a computer that will do math like 4+4=8, next is a rock collection. Second row has three pics of seeds to plant like sunflower for the spring, 10 projects and 5 DVDs ("D"ora, "J"asmin, "W"innie the pooh, "B"arbie, and "B"arney). Next she lists "camera," "stuffed Animal Dog." Spelling help was by mom. Next comes "Legos," sounded out and spelled by G herself. And last "Stuffed Animal and a New Cat." When asked about the "new cat" she said it is a stuffed animal too. Thank goodness, we are not adding to our household with any more living creatures! And no the letter wasn't actually shown to Santa. That is for me alone, heh.

Remember Pearl Harbor

I had the honor to thank a WWII service man for his service to our country at the shop so that was good. He struck up a conversation with me when in reality all I really wanted to do was waller in my self pity and read a book. The last WWI vet died this year and it won't be too much longer before the WWII vets are gone. We need to carry on all the memories of all the wars where they fought for our freedoms and rights to just sit and read a book while waiting on a broke car that our glorious president and his cabinet, congress and czars are slowly eroding.

Wake up America before it is too late. Let's do away with all the PC nonsense, call a spade a spade and quit believing there is a right to not be offended! Let's stop acting like animals but act as the special creation that we are of the ONE TRUE GOD Who loves us.

The mechanic (nice transition huhn?) said what ever is wrong with my car "ain't good." But that I can drive it no more than 10 or 15 miles and need to return on Wed. when he can get to it. Apparently whatever it is he has to move a bunch of stuff off the motor. He also couldn't get it to smoke again after I brought it in. Thankfully one of the workers saw it smoke when I drove up so he knows something is dreadfully wrong.

What a day. What a year.

It Really Is a Spiritual Battle

And I think I am failing. So last Sunday I committed to give the tithe to my church on income (gross) even though I am currently unemployed. I have been giving to three ministries but not the full tithe each month. So this past week my car started smelling. Apparently there seems to be a small transmission leak. I prayed that God would hold my car together until I got a job and either could afford the repairs or a newish car. I really was hoping God would hold it together for me.

This past Sunday with my tithe check written in my purse I was waiting for the children's Sunday School people to show up so I could drop off G. One of the ladies in my own Sunday School class stopped by to talk and handed me an envelope and said, "Merry Christmas." I thanked her and put what I assumed was a Christmas card only in my bag. I forgot about it. After church I rememberd the card and when I opened it there was a $100 bill. WOW! Thank You God for that grace You showed me through one of Your servants.

Turn the page now on Monday, I drop G off at the school for the bus and notice smoke coming from under the hood of my car. It stops long enough for me to get home and now I have to take it to the garage hoping the little bit of driving I am doing won't cause flames! I have no money to pay for repairs. I need a car if I ever get a job. I have no prospects on a job. I have no creative outlet or money to start my own deal. It is Christmas coming up the whole "Most Wonderful Time OF the YEAR" ya' know and I have debtors calling me up to 8 times a day. (Yes I know I owe the money and will pay what I can which is not much). Now the car I need desparately is broken with no money to pay. Yippee!

As soon as I am back home I will post the promised pictures of Santa and G. At least someone has hope, huh?

Mondays Suck!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

"333333333333333333333333333333338 nn" Direct quote from Simon, the Cat.

G just asked me if Jesus' mouth has germs. Don't you love the very random (to me anyway) questions from 5 year old brains?

My mom's church put on a play about being stuck in an airport at Christmas. I could so totally see this transformed into a made for TV movie/musical for Christmas. It is an original play with original music by one of the youth directors and the music director of the church. They have some significant talent. It was way over G's head though so Grandad took her to Wally's world and then to the gym to play basketball.

Tonight before the program started, I overheard my mom telling one of her friends that the little girl who G used to sit by on the bus told G to her face that she doesn't like her, doesn't like her skin or her hair. G did not tell me this. This happened on Friday. A while ago I had the bus driver move G from sitting by this same girl because the girl sad ugly things to G when G, per the driver's instruction, would wake her up to get off the bus.

I asked my mom what she did or said and she just told G that the girl was just not a happy person anyway and for G to just forget she said it. I so am angry at this little girl. The friend my mom told said that this girl's mom would be furious if she knew but the little girl would deny saying it so it won't be told. Besides when I G just now if anything happened at after school that I needed to be aware of she said, "no."

Then mom had the audacity to tell me I couldn't protect G forever but then I had a great idea, ziplock bags big enough to fit her in. I told my mom the truck driving thing was looking better all the time. I had suggested that I drive a big rig and take G with me to home school on the drive, heh. Now like I said, it is looking like a good thing to keep her by me and never let her get hurt.

We just returned from a fun evening of seeing Santa where G not only did NOT cry but also told him what she wanted for Christmas. She had drawn me a list so I will post it tomorrow along with the Santa pics. We also attended a hand bell choir which was really good except that G played games on the preacher's wife's Iphone. So much for cultural exposure for G. I mean really hand bells are as much a feast for the eyes as for the ears!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Call Me Sick, But This Is Funny

funny pictures of cats with captionsSorry, I just laugh everytime I see this. I am not sure why I think this is so funny but I do. You can
see more Lolcats and funny pictures by clicking the link. If you need a laugh really you must visit the Lolcats then check their extra links for the site, There I Fixed It.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Keeping Busy But Not Yet Working

Here are some pics from the Thanksgiving "bacation" we took. Not sure what happened to that one pic but some others are posted on the photo blog. G really fell in love with my aunt's two dogs and still asks if I think they miss her. They were really really tired when we left and slept most of the day according to my aunt, heh. G really wore them out.
So I am still jobless, no prospect, still looking. I have been volunteering with a para-church ministry on a food giveaway which has kept me and my mom (also volunteering) busy for this week. Still volunteering at G's school when needed.
So far the sub is coming along. She said she still doesn't know where everything is so the class is a bit behind (not happy about that either) but that she will get it all done (I hope so). Still not sure if she will be the one to take over permanently until after the first of the year. G has 2 weeks and 1 day before the two week Christmas break, ugh.
Working on Christmas card list. I will send what I have (left over cards from Christmases past) until all of G's holiday (from school) pictures are gone. Hopefully, I will have a job next year and my Christmas list will be back on track and I can send more cards but this year, not so much! Praying that next year everything will be better! I am so ready to see 2009 go the way of history!
I have been really tired lately and am not sure why. I probably am having a bit of depression trying to set in, no wonder huh? Probably a spiritual battle as well as I really need to prepare Sunday school lessons each week and am almost too tired to think. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and reading here all this year whether or not you agree with my POVs or not!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hope for America or Rather, Hope from America

Seems to me that we need another more timely message about the greatness that is the USA. We need a rags to riches story after all the terrible things we hear about America from Universities who want to teach about only the oppressive America, the main stream media that looks down on the majority of Americans and from all of Obama's apologies throughout his travels.

This story of Ralph de la Vega is just that story. It is the promise that others see when they see the USA. It is about the hope held out to those stuck in countries crippled by socialism or communism. It is what makes America great. A 10 year old boy coming alone after the communist takeover of Cuba and working his way up to be the President and CEO of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. What a timely message this book brings. Do you know anyone who needs hope this Christmas? This is that book. Check it out!

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For this review, I received a copy of this book.