Friday, December 11, 2009

Boy What a Madhouse But Such a Good Day

Today was the food give-a-way sponsored by a para church ministry here in town. My mom and I spent three days last week with several other folks to help qualify the 300 families/individuals to be able to receive the food. Today was the big give-a-way. Last month we gave to 150 families/individuals. This month was 300 with 95 over the 300 turned away so probably in Febuary we will be closer to giving away to 400.

So you know how when God's people go up against the evils of the devil that he doesn't take it sitting down? Well, the recipients were scheduled 50 recipients per 30 mins starting at 9:00 through 11:30. The food was supposed to be there at 8am. Most people even with assigned times came either really early or somewhat late. The first two food trucks turned the opposite way from the church (give-a-way location) and had to be chased down. Then once that was unloaded they had to go get another truckload. The first group of people (those with 9am appts.) didn't even get to line up to receive the food until 11:30am.

Yep, we had a room (fellowship hall) full of families waiting ever so patiently for the food. We discovered three errors in names taken over the phone, luckily corrected for their food. Finally, at 2:30pm the last of us (which was me and my parents) left for lunch ourselves. There were still people showing up even as I picked G up (at the same location) at 4:15, I redirected one such person to the ministry office. There were 26 applicants that didn't bother to show up for the free food out of the 300 confirmed appointments.

My mom had actually told me to be at the location this morning at 7:30 because that was what time she would be there. But I show up and I am the one and only for 30 mins. Then two more people show up before my mom. I called her when I realized I was there alone and she was eating her breakfast. Okay, sure mom, 7:30, heh. Anyway, we ended up being the last ones there too.

Last time I was outside helping with the hand out and enjoyed that. I wanted to do that again. Sadly or much to my relief I got to stay inside helping with the paperwork and answering questions. At one point we found a few ladies willing to lead everyone in Christmas carols or hymns which was fun.

Also, everybody, even though they were a bit put out, realized that is was just one of those things that couldn't be helped were very very kind. The director of the ministry said she was very excited about today because she knew she would get at least 100 hugs. She was right. I received a few myself. What better way to start off the true Christmas spirit other than hugs?

And because everyone had to wait on their food, the director got to give a message about the reason for the season, telling people about the real reason Jesus came which was to die for the sins of every person ever born or ever to be born in this world, for reconcilliation with Jesus' Father in heaven. How awesome is that?

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Bev....what a special day. Anything you do for Him and for the least of these....Satan is sure to try and mess it up. I love your heart for other people.