Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Day Post (early morning ::snort::)

A vision of years to come? This is G's "most present" of the morning. It is her gameboy, AKA Leapster2. See it is a true Santa-sorta story. About 3 weeks ago after I posted G's Christmas list, a friend from where I used to work called me and said his little girl (same age as G) has a leapster2 that she doesn't play with ever. S's daughter has a big sister so Leapster is so yesterday and DS is the cat's meow for her, so he gave us her leapster and 6 games. I went to the wally world and priced games just to see, and y'all let me tell you the cheapest game was $20, not to mention the whole leapster itself. So G racked up due to the kindness of S, Thanks S!!

She has been playing it non-stop. I let Santa bring it and the computer. This is by far G's favorite game. She hasn't even eaten breakfast and now we have been up for an hour. I may have to not replace the batteries to get her back, heh.

She hasn't really paid much attention to the other Santa gifts yet and we haven't opened any of the wrapped ones which is fine by me. I thought my parents were going to stop by this morning but when I called mom was still asleep. Oh well.

So today we will hang out in our jams and play games all day. G has a cough and is quite congested. That is what happens when it is 52 the day before Christmas and then very very cold the day of. Not sure what the temp is but it is really cold.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

That is a really sweet story and I'm glad she likes it!

Yeah it was almost 80 degrees here the day before Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Eve it was in the 20s! And we got snow in Texas! :)

Hope you had a great Christmas!

Super Mommy said...

Yay - what a nice friend you have! G looks like she is enjoying her Leapster!!

Vivian M said...

Don't say I did not warn you - Kerri loved her Leapster until she discovered the DS!
What a sweet gesture from your friend. :o)