Monday, December 07, 2009

Following the Money and Other Ramblings

Where did Obama get $200 billion for jobs?

Oh, I see!

Signs of desperation:

Henry Reid trying to keep his congressional seat and the EPA in trying to take over your rights by controlling the emission of green house gases despite the now erupting Climategate scandal.

The need to control large groups of people by a very few number is growing still. Wake up y'all or we will be a third world country from our own laws. I can tell you that I don't believe in man made climate change or global warming or whatever the newest political title for it is. See the Bible says that God will destroy the earth with fire. That was a promise He made at the time of the flood about not destroying the world with water again. When you start with the Bible as your world view your investigations go a different way as opposed to starting with an evolutionist world view. The Bible isn't a science book but a lot of scientific information can be found there as a starting point for more investigation. It can also relieve fears of great global catastrophes that make people crazy and cry over trees.

Yes, I think God could use man to destroy the earth, but I think He would have said so. In the Old Testament He made no qualms about telling the Israelites that He would use them to punish countries that failed to acknowledge Him. He also told the Israelites that He would use Babylon to punish the Israelites for their own betrayal and idolatry. So I don't think God would not tell us that humans will destroy the earth if He was going to use us to do so.

The thing is though that God gave no time frame about the end of the world and the bringing about a new heavens and a new earth which is the hope of the Christians around the world. He said it will happen when no one knows, so the predictions of global threat in and of themselves should have given Christians pause to say something is wrong here regarding global warming or freezing as was the concern in the 70s.

Galileo was first criticized by scientists before the church sanctioned him at the request of scientists. So maybe we in the church need to step back and not follow so closely scientific discoveries unless these discoveries first start in the Bible. I mean people found oil in the Middle East because of descriptions given in the Bible. Even George Washington Carver used the Bible as his starting point in his discoveries of all the uses of peanuts.

All that being said, we should take care of our earth but not because it gives us life or sustains us because God does that alone. He needs no help from us mere men. So now that climategate is upon us, we can smile knowing that God is in control and has our best interest at heart.
Isn't that the message of the babe in the manger and the man on the cross?

Using faulty science based in a wrong world view is damaging to us humans, so we must not take science as the be all end all, start and finish. Start with a correct world view to explore the world God gave us, and He will not hide anything from us!

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