Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gaining a Clearer Picture

So I finally spoke to an Unemployment office outside of my county because my county office has a way of making all laid off people feel like dog poo when questions are asked of them. So here is what I have managed to figure out based on information from the website, the laws regarding UI, and talking to a person who either understands the plight of the unemployed or at least cares.

When I became unemployed I filed and received 26 weeks of unemployment from the state. Based on the state's unemployment rate compared to the national rate the extension benefits which are a federal benefit were triggered. Extension benefits are not new but are not always used because the individual state unemployment must be higher than the national average inorder to pay them out.

So based on that I was able to receive the first level of extension benefits. Then there are 3 more tiers at 13 weeks each but are triggered individually by an act of the federal government, ie, the law signed on Nov 9, 2009 for level 2 &3 benefit extensions and also triggered by the individual states unemployment being above 7% and something else being above 4%. Level 4 hasn't been enacted yet. So basically this means that as I file benefits for the next three week I should, barring anything weird from the feds or my own original claim, be automatically in the level 2 for 13 weeks, and then level 3 for another 13 weeks after that.

Potentially I should get another 26 weeks of unemployment as long as I don't turn down a full time job. There is the rub isn't it. If that truck company offers me the job I think I will ask for more than $11 which will not be a turning down of a job as much as bargaining for more. I will flat out ask for 12.50 an hour which is still way low but half way between the $11 and $14 I really need. Maybe I should just ask for $14 an hour. Maybe I am just stupid too wishful thinking too. Or maybe I should call now and say I need that position to pay at least this amount higher than $11. Or maybe I should just ask for advice and ignore the phone tomorrow so that I can't say I was actually offered if they should call?


Marla said...

I say dont answer the phone. What if you ask for 14 and they give it to you?

RamblingMother said...

Good question, $14 would put me right where I am currently while on unemployment. I wouldn't lose but I would still keep looking too.

Plus the reason why she interviewed me was for my strong HR background and they want to bring HR inhouse so there is potential there for growth.

bajones said...

I really like the idea of telling them that you need $14 an hour. Agree that it isn't turning down the job, because if they don't agree to $14 then they would likely rescind the offer.

Jennifer said...

I have no advice, but wanted to let you know that you are in my prayers everyday. I hope something works out for you soon. I'm sure it is very frustrating.
P.S. Love the Santa picture.

Stephanie Boaz said...

How did you feel about the company in general? Do you think it would be a good place to work, nice people, good benefits?

I would let the answering machine pick up the phone if they call, which gives you more time to think about it.

Ba Ba and Mommy said...

I've been following your blog but have never commented before and just needed to. (By the way, I really enjoy your blog and your insights into our great nation).

If I were you (and if you do answer the phone), I would ask for $14 an hour (at least). I don't know you but I can tell from your writing that you are a very intelligent person and they would be lucky to have you in their employ for $14 an hour.

Take care!!!

Mommy to Two Boys

Vivian M said...

I am thankging G-d you still have 26 more weeks of benefits coming, that gives you some time to find something better! And as far as the job, ask for 14 and that way you can negotiate to 12?