Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Job Interview Today

So I had a job interview today at a trucking place for a billing clerk for $11 an hour. That is less than the unemployment by a lot actually considering the unemployment is gross without withholding anything. The $11 an hour will be subject to fed taxes and medicare/ss and is still more than the maximum to be eligible for food stamps for two people.

So the interviewer said she can't imagine why someone wouldn't want to get off unemployment and work for them as she had been having a time getting places filled. Well, she went on to explain that the job is 8-5 and very busy with some required late nights or early mornings. But yet she doesn't understand why someone would rather stay on unemployment which gives a guaranteed amount of money each week and the freedom to continue to look for better jobs or do whatever else they want? She honestly thinks people would rather work for someone else making just barely above poverty level and stay so busy there is no free time to even look when unemployment is still an option? She honestly didn't understand.

And for some of you in the blogosphere reading this, you who have never had to be on unemployment, I would imagine you would agree. I would have agreed with her before I ended up on it. But you see taking this job is going to be a huge decrease in income because taxes will be owed and medicare will be taken out not to mention now I will have to pay more in gas because the vehicle will be in use everyday for a longer drive though the job is in my same city. Daycare still must be paid and if I start before the holidays there is an increase in daycare expense for the two weeks the kids are out.

The only good thing is the dress code is so lax that in the summer, what appears to be workout clothes are acceptable. In the winter basically the same thing. Role out of bed, go to work. So no need to buy clothes that look even half way acceptable.

But if the job is offered, I will take it because being on unemployment is driving my parents crazy not to mention I am not sure how much longer I am allowed to stay on it. I mean to them it is more than simple economics, it is A JOB! You know the be all end all of everything.

Today, I just want to go back to bed, pull the covers over my head and sleep until this nightmare is over. Oh and about Obama's statement comparing the loss of 11,000 jobs in November the equivalent of zero job losses, yeah, that is stupid and patronizing. Ask any one of those 11,000 who were laid off if they agree and I guarandamntee you they don't. The loss of 11,000 would be fine if companies were hiring as well but they aren't. Even this company laid off several people in April. Wonder why they didn't call those back in?


Stephanie Boaz said...

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time finding a good job. Rather than taking a job that pays less than unemployment, maybe you can create a spreadsheet to show your parents how it would put you in a more severe financial situation than you are now? I hope something good turns up soon!

Marla said...

Uggggg, something better is bound to come along.

Vivian M said...

I would keep looking, it does not make sense for you to take this unless your unemployment pay is going to run out soon (and at that point I guess this job would be better than no income at all). But I agree with you on this one!

JoAnn in NJ said...

I refuse to work for less than u/e, especially because in NJ we can collect up to 99 weeks of u/e. I am currently in month 9 of this...I really want to work, I just can't accept less than I collect (the childcare alone would kill me!)

This year I've seen my personal income plummet by 80%, so believe me, I know how tough this is!

I have one prospect and supposedly they're still interviewing and will make a decision soon.

Hang in there...this is a very rough ride...not for the faint of heart.

Lindy said...

These are unprecedented times and many people are on unemployment for the first time in their lives. Don't let your parents shame you into take a job that would cause further hardship. Hang in there and keep looking. God bless!