Thursday, December 03, 2009

Keeping Busy But Not Yet Working

Here are some pics from the Thanksgiving "bacation" we took. Not sure what happened to that one pic but some others are posted on the photo blog. G really fell in love with my aunt's two dogs and still asks if I think they miss her. They were really really tired when we left and slept most of the day according to my aunt, heh. G really wore them out.
So I am still jobless, no prospect, still looking. I have been volunteering with a para-church ministry on a food giveaway which has kept me and my mom (also volunteering) busy for this week. Still volunteering at G's school when needed.
So far the sub is coming along. She said she still doesn't know where everything is so the class is a bit behind (not happy about that either) but that she will get it all done (I hope so). Still not sure if she will be the one to take over permanently until after the first of the year. G has 2 weeks and 1 day before the two week Christmas break, ugh.
Working on Christmas card list. I will send what I have (left over cards from Christmases past) until all of G's holiday (from school) pictures are gone. Hopefully, I will have a job next year and my Christmas list will be back on track and I can send more cards but this year, not so much! Praying that next year everything will be better! I am so ready to see 2009 go the way of history!
I have been really tired lately and am not sure why. I probably am having a bit of depression trying to set in, no wonder huh? Probably a spiritual battle as well as I really need to prepare Sunday school lessons each week and am almost too tired to think. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and reading here all this year whether or not you agree with my POVs or not!


Vivian M said...

One of my friends last year had a great idea...instead of sending Christmas cards, she scanned her pictures into her computer and sent emails instead with a personalized greeting and the pictures attached. She saved on postage and the email got here safe and sound!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I love it that you speak your mind make me smile;)

I still have you in my prayer journal for a job!!!!! Come on her the way!!!!

Marla said...

Praying for a job in 2010!!!!!!