Monday, December 07, 2009

Quick Clarification

Thanks for the kind words and prayers offered. I want to clarify that I am not bemoaning Christmas for G. I actually purchase her Christmas early so she is done. She is not getting everything on her list because: she doesn't need stuffed animals, rock collection is not something given it is something collected, we have projects all the time anyway (but I did get her some paint for stocking stuffers, leapfrog is just too expensive, and as far as the DVDs she asked for, she is getting one one her list and one she didn't ask for but I think she will like (I <3 Dollar Tree). She was looking at her videos when she was writing the list so she doesn't really want the ones she wrote she just wants some new DVDs. She doesn't need a new camera at all; she barely uses the one she does have.

About the computer that will do 4+4=8? I did find (on sale) a V-tech computer that is basically an age appropriate (ages 5-8) newer model than the one she has now which I hope I can convince her to give to our little friend AG. And this new one is blue, her fav. color.

She is getting some board games like Chinese checkers and mancala (read cheap games) and she is getting legos purchased in January before I got laid off for Christmas actually (see I told you I buy ahead). They were actually going to be Bday presents in April, but then I had too much for her for bday so I saved back the legos 2 sets actually. She did get one set earlier this year either for bday or family day I can't remember now.

So G won't have a sad/bad Christmas as far as stuff is concerned. She really wants to go back on "bacation" to see my aunt and her dogs in Nashville. That though is so not gonna happen. Plus Christmas isn't about stuff anyway. I am just stressed to the max about not having a job that it just is going to be a very tense, high emotion holiday, AGAIN! The last three Christmases have sucked actually as far as the stress level.

I just don't want anyone reading this to think that I upset that I can't give G a good Christmas because as far as stuff goes, I can. The most important thing though like a relaxing holiday atmosphere is going to be difficult with my stress and emotions. Fun times I tell you.

And if you are reading this and wondering why I am explaining about Christmas? you will need to go farther down in the blog to see why this Monday has shaped up to be just one more bad day in the life that is mine and read the comments for the need to clarify.

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