Friday, December 18, 2009

Sick of Santa Yet?

This will make the third different Santa visit this year. Yesterday at G's school we saw Santa. Oh that many 1st and K's seeing Santa pass through their morning assembly, HOW FUN! Seriously, they were adorable! It was pajama day at the school so the majority of kids wore theirs. One little girl in G's class forgot then cried a bit about it. Made me sad.

One little girl got in trouble on the bus coming into school and was suspended for the day. More than likely she spent the day with the wrath of her mom which isn't good but won't change. That made me a bit sad too. Of course the day went much better without her there but still I felt badly for her under the punishment of her mom.
G was so excited about yesterday that she woke up and yelled, "Yea, It's Pajama Day. Mama, did you think I was going to wake up and yell 'yea, it's pajama day'?" Then she got ready without nary a nagging word word from me. We were even able to drop by the wally world for an activity for the class and not be late for school. How is that for excited? Today was back to the same ole, same ole, heh.

This is our tree with the gifts before yesterday. The flowers were taken to teachers at school. They looked really pretty, two cherry blossoms and one yellow orchid (none real). I can't wait to see it with the Santa gifts around it. Also, I am setting the Christmas cards that aren't photo cards in front of it so help it look more Christmas-y.
When G saw the display, she did that half smile/not smile thing she does and then promptly colored me a picture that I have not seen yet. She did it for my Christmas present. I can't wait to see it. She rolled it up, and we put it in a decorative bag so I couldn't see it, then she hid it under one of the other gifts. No matter what that will be my most favorite gift this year. She totally put lots of thought into whatever she drew even asking the names of the colors to decide if that indeed was the right color to use. It was precious!
I believe after that I have decided that I will never (until G asks) wrap something up I have bought for me to give to me from G. I think that would send a message that only things bought have value and that is so. not. true. I never knew until I started receiving things G made me just how valuable those things are.


Vivian M said...

Kerri always says a true gift is something you make yourself, not something you buy.
I love pajama day! Kerri had one at her school a few weeks ago and it was fun!
And I know what you mean in your last paragraph...I have quite the collection of handmade artwork and gifts, and I treasure each and every one!

The Byrd's Nest said...

I wish we had pj day at language school...I LOVE pajamas! She is so sweet and has such a tender heart....just like her Mommy.