Saturday, December 12, 2009

Small Town Christmas Parade

Thursday night G and I attended our small town's Christmas parade. This is actually the first parade G has ever seen. Last year it was cancelled several times due to rain so this year after only a two day delay we finally got to go. It was COLD. We walked down to it only because it passed right near our house but it was still COLD.

A friend showed up with her granddaughter. They brought a chair and blanket. I left G with them, ran home, got our chair and blanket, and made it back before the start. That is how close we live by the way. We got there a wee bit too early but I wasn't sure what to expect. So G got a bit grumpy and cold while there.

The funny thing, well two funny things really, happened with Santa and then when we got home. We bundled pretty good and G kept saying she was cozy or wanted to be cozy, heh. Okay as Santa came riding on the ladder of the fire truck he sees G and our little friend and calls them both by name. Of course this Santa also goes to church with my mom and G has had her pic with him the last two years at daycare, heh. She looks at me and says, "Mama, how did he know my name?" Then she calls my mom (last picture with her frozen nose and cheeks) and tells her that Santa "knows all the chilwrens' names."

Our friends had parked there car where we happened to be and drove us home. I asked G if she wanted to just walk home and she said, "No I want to be cozy." So when we were on our steps G said, "Mama, my toes are really cold." I said, "I know baby, how about we get our shower together and just jump in the bed." She got really animated and said, "That was just what I was thinking, Mama! You must can read my mind!"

Forgive the quality of the video and darker pictures, I had my cannon video/camera with no flash and then it started frosting over.

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Vivian M said...

She is so cute! And it's a good thing Mamas and Santas can read minds, lol!