Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunday Ramblings

"333333333333333333333333333333338 nn" Direct quote from Simon, the Cat.

G just asked me if Jesus' mouth has germs. Don't you love the very random (to me anyway) questions from 5 year old brains?

My mom's church put on a play about being stuck in an airport at Christmas. I could so totally see this transformed into a made for TV movie/musical for Christmas. It is an original play with original music by one of the youth directors and the music director of the church. They have some significant talent. It was way over G's head though so Grandad took her to Wally's world and then to the gym to play basketball.

Tonight before the program started, I overheard my mom telling one of her friends that the little girl who G used to sit by on the bus told G to her face that she doesn't like her, doesn't like her skin or her hair. G did not tell me this. This happened on Friday. A while ago I had the bus driver move G from sitting by this same girl because the girl sad ugly things to G when G, per the driver's instruction, would wake her up to get off the bus.

I asked my mom what she did or said and she just told G that the girl was just not a happy person anyway and for G to just forget she said it. I so am angry at this little girl. The friend my mom told said that this girl's mom would be furious if she knew but the little girl would deny saying it so it won't be told. Besides when I G just now if anything happened at after school that I needed to be aware of she said, "no."

Then mom had the audacity to tell me I couldn't protect G forever but then I had a great idea, ziplock bags big enough to fit her in. I told my mom the truck driving thing was looking better all the time. I had suggested that I drive a big rig and take G with me to home school on the drive, heh. Now like I said, it is looking like a good thing to keep her by me and never let her get hurt.

We just returned from a fun evening of seeing Santa where G not only did NOT cry but also told him what she wanted for Christmas. She had drawn me a list so I will post it tomorrow along with the Santa pics. We also attended a hand bell choir which was really good except that G played games on the preacher's wife's Iphone. So much for cultural exposure for G. I mean really hand bells are as much a feast for the eyes as for the ears!

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Vivian M said...

It is so hard tgo let go and know we cannot always protect our little ones from hurting. I hope Miss G knows just how special and beautiful she really is!
I am looking forward to seeing her wish list for Santa!