Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Upward and Onward


Do you like the action shot with G in the air? I didn't even know I got that one. The coach is very patient. I think though he should start them off by playing keep away so they get the concept of throwing the ball and playing on a team. I may mention that next Monday.
See the boy in the stripes? He is 6 and not one of the other team members come up to his shoulder even. His mom has three boys and they are all tall. Two of the boys are tall and big, one is just tall. They all three play basketball in their own age group. This one is in G's school too. Tallest boy in the whole kindergarten I think! His mom said he weighed 9lbs at birth. She said her hubby is 6'7". All I have to say about that is WOW! He is the baby.


cheepette8 said...

Love it! Sophie actually scored 2 baskets on Saturday. I need to get the video posted. I hope G loves basketball as much as Sophie does.

Super Mommy said...

Great shot... both you and G! Jasmine is interested in shooting hoops with Upward Bound through our church...I don't know if I'm up to committing for 8 weeks....