Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Is Up With the World?

So much going on in the news and so much news being ignored by the main stream media. What about Climategate? I mean Algore is holding on to the whole humans causing bad things to happen to the earth because humans are bad, boo. So, if less people on the earth would be a good thing then why do we care about weapons of mass destruction, starvation and death? Just wondering. Again, I have said this before, humans don't cause climate change. We need to stop worshiping the earth, stop feeling the void in our hearts with creatures instead of the Creator.

Then the whole Tiger Woods fall from grace. Why are the feminists not dissing Elin for not being more open minded with the whole sexual equality thing, instead holding stringently to the whole fidelity in marriage belief system? Isn't that what feminism is against anyway?

I remember in the 90s a female officer of the Navy, I believe, being dishonorably discharged for continuing an affair with a married man who also was an officer. The feminists screeched about the unfairness of discharging that woman who was only doing what men do all the time with all that equal sex thing, never mind about the wife and dead marriage. Maybe if Elin had not been a stay at home mom holding to the foundation of traditional marriage, Tiger wouldn't have stepped out of bounds, hmmmm. NAH! Tiger's mental faculties were only able to control the golf game not the sexual temptation thrown at him.

Elin is truly the victim here, and an honorable one, who wishes, despite the infidelity, to hold onto her marriage and fight for it. Good for her, she needs prayers of the faithful to give her strength to do so.

Of course, the other women who went on national television and actually had the gall to say they thought they were the only women, and that Tiger would NEVER have done that to them!?!?! yeah, cheat with you, cheat on you. How foolish can women be? Seriously, if you are the other woman then how could you even think you are the "Only one"? I mean okay, the only one other than the wife which makes you one of two? It defies common sense.

Then we have Idiobama accepting the Nobel Prize but dissing the whole country from which it came!! Personally I say it serves them right. Don't mess in the politics of our government. He never deserved this award; it was totally political.

And what about the whole univited quests at the White House? Group number two crashes to eat with Obama. Worried much? You should be. So much disregard for the security of our nation.

Oh and what about the fact that 93% of Obama's appointments/cabinet/advisers have no (read that absolutely NONE) experience in the private sector. They are all from public (read tax payer funded jobs) or government jobs. Could be the reason our economy sucks though.

Also, it took Bush roughly between 5-8 years to get as low in the polling as Obama has done in a year. The fastest decline of any president since polling started. HMMMMM!

So where is the world going to? Well to our Lord and His Christ as the Hallelujah Chorus suggests.

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Shaun said...

Well President Obama inherited a mess from Bush and it will certainly take him longer than 10 months to get us out of it. I am a proud American and I support my country and goverment. I didn't like all but I would never resort to name calling b/c of political differences. As Americans, I feel that it is important for us to band together and support OUR country. Bush drove in nearly into the ground but we WILL overcome and become the THE great country once again. Obama can't do it alone!! We need GOD!!

As far as Elin goes, rumor has it that she has hired a divorce attorney? If true, good for her!! She needs to also be a good role model for her children. Sam Alexis needs to know, women shouldn't accept that type of treatment and their son needs to know that that is NO way for a husband to behave. It's a sad sad, no win situation.