Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thawing Some

So the snow/ice is thawing some. I managed to get to my parents house today. I did miss G very much starting about 2pm yesterday. I was quite bored at home without her. She on the other hand only missed me when I called her and when it was bed time.

The power at my parents came back on about noonish central time yesterday. It took a while for the whole house to heat up but eventually everything was back to normal. G told me that she enjoyed living like they did before having power. It always was an adventure for us as kids to have the power go out which happened a lot in the country.

Have no idea if enough of the roads will be drivable for school tomorrow but we will keep watching and waiting. If it heats up past freezing it may help for the buses to drive on it. There was one solid sheet of ice in front of my house and on the road to my parents (rural roads where buses have to go). If the buses can't run then no school.

I however can get G and me home so we will be fine and that is truly all that matters. I probably could have picked her up yesterday but was slightly afraid of being stuck at my parents and the dog being stuck at home, which would so be not fair.

My sinus headache from Thursday has now turned into an infection with a soar throat and gunk all packed nicely in my nose. G told me I sounded funny, heh. I feel like a spiked toad has permanently taken up residence in my throat. Oh the joys of winter colds.

My mom has now spent enough time with G to notice her faults. That is a whole 'nuther (intentionally misspelled) post to do. It is interesting, but I got the "We have got to do something about this" lecture from my mom. Of course, I am sure she isn't pointing blame at me for the whole "something" needing to be done, right?

G had my mom doing lots of crafts yesterday, lovely Valentine's projects and patterns. They are now working on a Spring craft together. It took a while for my mom to understand what G was saying 'cause G was pouting at the time as well as growing increasingly frustrated with the misunderstanding. G has a tendency to revert to helpless pre-toddler status when frustrated, angry, or sad, meaning she becomes helpless at all the things she should be able to do on her own like getting dressed or you know, just playing on her own. It will drive a person nuts and it boils down to needing to control. It is all attachment/control issue related and now my mom is seeing some of it herself. Like I said, needed in another post.

So for now we are together and I can get home with her today but have no idea about school tomorrow yet.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a Night, an ICE COLD Night

But not for me. G spent last night with my parents and at 6:30pm their power went off due to the freezing rain under snow under sleet which is what we have right now. Their power is still not on at 10am. When I called earlier this morning G asked if my satellite was off because theirs was, hee. The satellite controls the TV and computer at my parents. She said they were in the "dahurk."

Dad fixed breakfast over the fireplace (Thank God for a fire place) and they are staying in the den/kitchen area. It is such a mess outside and I can't get to them yet. No point when there is no power but the roads are bad too. My parents may sleep in the den tonight with or without G depending on if I can go get her. She has enough clothes to spend one more night if the power will come on for them to wash or she can stay in pjs if not.

Of course Upwards was cancelled so there is that. My power went off sometime but came on at 12:30am. I have no idea how long it was off or when it went off even because I was asleep by 7pm, oh yes I was! I am such a wild and crazy party girl, heh.

Can't decide what movie I want to pop in the VCR either. Dilemma, dilemma. My coffee is hot and good though so I really can't complain, which I am totally not doing. I am glad to have power, heat, food, coffee and a choice of movies from which to pick.

G will probably drive my parents crazy but hopefully not since there are toys there and G, though she likes Qubo and noggin, is not really a TV girl for the most part. She can come up with some fun games to play with one or the other of her grandparents. They have lots of puzzles too.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

Of course at 6am there was none of this white stuff so I proceeded as any normal day. Even at 7:30 there was none of this white stuff as I started to drive G to school after putting 100 stickers on her shirt for the 100th day of school.
Then I noticed the lack of buses and children. So we turned around at which point I realized my window was freezing with the rain as it hit. Then I called the school admin who confirmed that yes school is closed all day.
So we packed up and came to Grammie's house so G and Grandad could play outside. Only after arriving did I manage to remember that we forgot both blankies and bunny which brought many silent tears from G so that I had to dare to return home and pick them up. I also picked up her lady bug boots to play in and my trusty camera. Upon returning we bundled up the G and sent her and grandad out to freeze play.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally Vertical

Oh, we have a cold front coming, and it has come straight through my head. Dang global warming, you would think it was winter here or something. My head started hurting this morning but then really got to me by 2ish. I was physically sick because of it. I still had to pick G up at school, but was not sure I would make it. I called my mom to see if we could come out there until my headache quit (someone needed to be with G), but she said they wouldn't be there. It was just as well as couldn't make it to her house anyway. I managed to get us home and myself to bed (to which G replied, "You never do this to me. I don't like you being sick" and she is right I don't). I did take an alleve (generic), and by 4pm I was able to stand up without being sick.

Anyway, I got home and there was a check from TN waiting on me (couldn't deal with it until my head stopped hurting). It was unemployment payment from 8/7 - 10/24, 2009. Not even the whole end of the year, I have to file for the rest?!?!?!?! Nevermind that we are well into 2010 now, I still have to file for 10/31 to now. Back dating so to speak on their system, even though they have records from AR that I did in fact not work all that time.

The weekly amount is $275. AR was $431. I have decided (rightly or wrongly) that I will do nothing about AR payback until I get a formal request demand. That does mean though that I will be required to pay AR state tax on the benefits received in 2009, the same ones that I will have to repay, but again I can't worry about that right now.

I have applied for two positions with the chamber today. I found out about the positions today from "a man" who serves on the Hope House board and on the chamber. I applied anyway at his urging today even though it posted on Monday. I e-mailed my resume and hopefully "a man" will have some say as to my possibly getting an interview or not. (I am intentionally being vague about the positions right now).

Hope House is an emergency food, emergency shelter, women transitioning from jail ministry serving locally. HH teams with the local food bank to give food away once a month. I am now the coordinator for the food giveaways while I am unemployed. The director of HH (who has very many connections locally) recommended me to "a man", actually just telling him to hire me for the position (she didn't know I already knew about both positions and applied). The HH director also told "a man" that if she dropped dead today she would want me to take over as director for HH. That is a HUGE compliment! With her behind me I may have a shot at either one of the positions. The funny thing is there haven't been a lot of calls this week so I have been playing a lot of spider solitaire and reading books. I haven't been able to be on the internet because the connection isn't good at HH as it is currently located in the warehouse side of another business.

Sometime somehow this unemployment nightmare has to end. Thanks for the suggestions and prayers. I am looking into some options not the least of which is calling some congressmen or women in and around both states.

I did not watch the POTUS' SOTUS because Obama makes my head hurt. I did see Justice Samuel Alito and his "You lie" moment though, today. GO SAM A! Obama way over spoke on the Supreme Court.

By the way, how much did the dow drop after his attacks on Wall St.? The man is def. crazy and has no clue how to be a leader. I want the "Don't Blame Me I Voted for Palin" sticker. There are some really good sites that disputed the "facts" from the SOTUS by the way. I know Foxnews had a link or maybe the article. I saw it

And what is up with Chris Matthews? Can an African American male not give a good speech? What does, "I forgot he was black?" mean? Seriously, I couldn't believe it. That is the most racist statement one could make in our "post racial" except when it helps you society. Matthews needs to go just for being an idiot. Back in the campaign he said the whole, "tingle up my leg" with regard to an Obama speech. Now this? Ridiculous. I really think the left has the bigger problem on race.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Screwed! Totally and Completely!

That is so what I am. So now I will owe AR all of the unemployment benefit from August 10, 2009, through the end of the year. TN finally called today (day 12 of the filing) and when asked about the delay said, "Well, we are behind." Apparently, after the initial 26 weeks of state unemployment I should have been forced to file in TN before the Federal EUC kicked in. By the way, have I mentioned that TN is $200 less a week than AR? Yeah, so um, SCREWED, that is what I am.

When I asked when would the check be sent she said, "In 6 to 8 weeks." I said something about how unfair it was to require the payback to AR and for TN to not pick up now in 2010 she said, "Who said life is fair." I kid you not!! I told her I didn't like her attitude and I wanted to speak to someone higher up (which she did not let me do). So now I am totally and officially losing everything and still have no job prospects.

Then of course the TN worker blaimed the federal government for the rules governing the EUC funds. The sad thing is I have been in touch with AR personally all year last year and not until January 4, 2010 did they say anything about my needing to apply for TN unemployment.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today the ballgame was much better. G even got in there and got the ball in a tug of war type move. I was proud of her. She even got the best effort start which she gave her best effort today and it was well deserved. Of course when she had the ball she would quickly pass it off to the other team, oh well. We have to work on the concept of team and teammate, again.

One Year Ago...

Today I was laid off from my job and have yet to find a replacement job. Sucks to be me right now! I am still between states on unemployment. TN is so busy that there is not one person available to answer the phone. I have only an e-mail that says my claim has been filed and I will receive a response between 5 and 10 business days but shouldn't call until after the 12th day (which will be this coming Monday by the way) if I hadn't heard anything by then. There is no real office to go to locally. This means as of this week I have received NO unemployment check in 3 weeks. Like I said, sucks to be me. I have absolutely no other income and right now only bills through Jan are paid.

Please pray that something somewhere will break. I was asked by a temp agency when told about a possible job that if I was offered the job I couldn't look for something better because it would hurt the relationship between the temp agency and the business. Never mind that the temp agency didn't offer me the job and told me on the phone that I was way over qualified for it. I don't think that is a fair request to make to anyone who has ever been laid off from a job. There is no loyalty to employees anymore.

Oh and did you see Obama speak in Ohio yesterday. Seemed a bit angry to me. I feel sorry for Haiti because based on his taxing the banks he bailed out will he then demand Haiti to refund the bailout we gave them? Why isn't he taxing GM and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Maybe because those are dems' pet financing machines? Seems Wall St. didn't like what he said either. Every time he speaks the stocks tank.

I think it is time for him to be quiet and let the "evil" capitalist markets to take over to recover this nation to its (before Obama, that is) former glory.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My New Favorite Song

I used to like the original but I think I like the parody better, heh.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Need More Congressmen Like Mike Rogers

If you are still a believer that Obamacare is what we need, you need to listen to Mike Rogers who is quoting from the bill itself! This is nothing but a power grab from the dems who want one party rule and a socialist/non-free nation. America is not the bad guy, and we never truly have been. Obama wants to kill us all with his Obamacare. By the way there is no malpractice/lawsuit (tort) reform in the Obamacare bill as it stands which is where the majority of sky high costs come from.

Need a Laugh?

Found on Instapundit, again.

This Day Just Gets Better and Better, Doesn't It?

With a thanks to Instapundit for the tip, TSA nominee, Erroll Southers, has withdrawn his nomination. To read the whole thing go to the Washington Post.

The more Obama's leftist agenda comes to light; the more push back there is. Obama is a Marxist in all deeds and some words. He is the worst president since FDR who stretched the misery of the Great Depression out for 9 more years with the Socialist New Deal. That was not the Deal we needed then and it is NOT the deal we need now.

Our Constitution is to protect citizens from tyrannical governments like the one Obama is trying to bring about! We need to stand up, get active and stop Obama in his track. 2010 just gets better and better. "LAME DUCK Obama" has a nice ring to it, now doesn't it?

Scott Brown (R-MA)

Hope and Change I can believe in!!

I was doing the happy dance when I heard the news! YEAH!! Praise God for having one to block Obamacare. Now if only the Dems will play fair and not try to stop him from legally taking the seat TODAY, we can get some business done!

Oh and by the constitution he doesn't have to be state certified. He can legally take over the office today! YIPPEE!!!! WAHOOO!!!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Saturday Was a Much Better Game for G

Not so much for me. I was still a bit stressed over it. G even got in there and hustled a bit trying to get the ball. Her face wasn't stressed at all. And she got the award for best defense, not because she played defense but because she guessed what the color red was, hmmmm. Maybe the stars aren't really given out based on ability but on making sure everyone gets one. Let's make sure they learn to be entitled at an early age please. Also, everyone got a green star for each of the three verses they were supposed to learn. G didn't learn but one verse yet and no one even tested her on it. Now we are learning the other two verses.

Friday, January 15, 2010

So Much Happening in the World

Gosh, Haiti, wow! Not much to say except pray and give if you can. Also some folks are talking about texting the gifts, don't do that. The companies will wait to collect your gift from your bill before giving it to Haiti so your gift via text could take from 30 days to 90 days to make it and that is way too long. Go to sites like Compassion International, World Vision, Samaritan's Purse or KLove for a bigger list of sites to donate.

Then what is up in MA? It is turning into a Coakley V. Brown race. After all it is hers to lose. She is a terrible candidate as much as she is a terrible AG (Hmmm, similar thoughts here courtesy of Instapundit). Seriously she can't even spell the state for which she is running.

Now, about me, isn't it always? I am still in limbo hell with regard to the duality duplicitous nature of the unemployment claim filing. I have no determination in TN and AR won't talk to me either. TN center when I call gives me the we are too busy to answer any calls right now. And they are only open from 8 to 4 anyway so the call volume is so high 5 days a week that I have yet to speak to a person about my claim that is now over 5 business days old. I can't use the automated system either because I have no claim determination. AAAARRRRGGGHHH!

And Comcast raised their rates, WTH? In a down economy with over 10% unemployment and they raise their rates?!?!?!?! Nice customer appreciation there. But I think I am stuck for I know of no other good option around this area that is cheaper. I will be on the hunt though.

And for the newest attempt at bringing in income go here. This was/is a totally risk free venture but will require harder push on my end (which I totally don't mind). It is an excellent side business for anyone needing extra income by the way.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No News Is Good News

At least that is the approach I took with the temperature. I just didn't take another one after yesterday morning's temp wasn't even up to normal (98.4). G is still complaining of a sore throat but that could be from drainage or maybe tonsils. If it stays sore through Friday I will take her to the doc on Saturday.
As it stands now, she is in school and on motrin so here's hopin'.
Yesterday she drew this picture. It is a desert with an apple/blueberry/berry tree (see the roots?) and a cactus (I know it looks like a cross but look at the sticky things) and a lake (yes, even deserts have lakes). Um, what's that? Oh that triangle looking thing? Yes, well, that is a pyramid because all deserts have pyramids, donchaknow.

Devastation in Haiti

Pray For Haiti

Pray for the missionaries there doing a great work, something Satan would like to destroy. Pray for the hurting people of Haiti, those who have lost loved ones or are uncertain about their where abouts, those hurt or trapped in the buildings, for the sanitary conditions that will go down hill fast due to the death rate in the earthquake, and for every last dollar that will aid in rebuilding, that despite this devastation God's glory and mercy will shine.

When China suffered an earthquake in 2008 if felt like a family member was personally invloved, hurt. It does not feel any less for me knowing the numbers of families who have adopted from Haiti, reading their stories over the internet.

Pray for the children who are with their forever families (not in Haiti) but know of and communicate with their Haitian relatives. This will be very difficult to process for them and their families.

If you can help there are many ways to do so.
KLove radio has links on their home page of many places to give. It is like one stop giving. The most important thing you can do is PRAY! God does and will answer.

This Needs To Be Seen and Read by Every American

"Code Pink To Muslims: ‘Help Us Cleanse Our Country’
"Excerpt: As Americans keep a wary eye on Muslim radicals in Yemen, little attention is being given to a far more dangerous enemy right in our own backyard. Under the banner of ‘anti-war’ activism, the radical group Code Pink is running banner advertisements on the English language version of the official Web site of a terrorist sympathizing group, the Muslim Brotherhood, one of which invites the Muslim Brotherhood to “join us in cleansing our country.” The ad is entitled ‘Arrest The War Criminals.’ Only problem is, Code Pink believes the war criminals are none other than George W. Bush and Co. And they’re actively recruiting radical Muslim terrorists to help them in their cause. A link on the ad goes to a web site that actually calls for the kidnapping of former President George W. Bush, his wife Laura, his family, and various former administration officials. To date, not a peep has been heard from the Secret Service. Maybe that’s because Jodie Evans, the co-founder of Code Pink was a top fundraiser for Barack Obama. Or maybe not."

The Main Stream Media-CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS-are ignoring this big time. Freedom is not a guarantee when Americans are passive in the fight. Code Pink should be put on trial for treason. Asking a terrorist group to kidnap a former US President and his family is treason. Why hasn't this been talked about in the MSM?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


at 7:44pm last night which was within the 24 hour period for school to start at 8am this morning which means we are home one more day. This morning at 8:45am though there is no fever just a sore throat and an upset tummy.

I called my mom though to see if going to ball practice could get her body temp up that high, and she said no it couldn't, so great now I have infected all those kids with whatever G had. oops.

Anyway, today we are going to her school to pick up her two days work and do it tonight. Also, going by the daycare to pay her after school week because if I quit paying and take her out I may lose my spot. Actually, I am not totally sure and will ask today while paying for this week. Maybe they will be gracious and hold her open even though that is one less $30 they will have a week.

So maybe tomorrow she will be back at school with no fever. I just need to get something that will work on her throat. Does anyone know if strep is going around?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Today We Had a Sick Day

G complained about a soar throat yesterday but had not temperature. Today was a different story. She wasn't hungry, felt sick to her tummy and had trouble swallowing so I took her temp today. That sucker shot up fast to 99.9 so I watched it. I got tired of waiting for the change and listening to the beef as it went from 100.6 to 101. Since it was over 100 so she had to stay home. Hoping tomorrow at 6:30am she won't have a temp so she can go to school.

Of course she practically drowned all night due to the drainage in her throat. I just knew we were going to have a throwing up night. Thankfully she didn't throw up but I stayed awake most of the night listening for it. We are both sneezing our heads off as well.

What did she do instead of go to school? She worked on her lego house while wearing my fleece sweatshirt I got in Italy in 1999, because she said she was cold. She hasn't given my shirt back to me either and I am cold too. Seems winter has settled and stayed with low low temps. Algore, where is my global warming?

She was not happy about skipping school but really we had no choice. There is a 24 hour rule and it was over 100. I don't think she has had another temp today though. Basketball practice is tonight and she was also worried about missing it. She actually likes practice.

She has also watched a lot of Qubo but has also turned it off for a couple of hours to do crafts. At one point she did accidentally put the corner of a construction paper in her eye during craft's time. So far it seems to be okay and she is not worried with it anymore. Of course all I could think was "Great eye doctor appt for torn cornea," sympathetic huh?

Off topic, last Sunday one of the Sunday school members mentioned that things can't be so bad that they won't get worse still in response to my glad tidings of welcoming 2010 in. The very next week things got much worse. The local UE office reported that I missed my appt to report which is a lie because I did show up on 1/4 as instructed. Second, TN hasn't approved or denied my claim which could still be sometime next week. I have a house payment due Thursday as well as other bills to pay.

I applied on line Saturday to a factory for an HR manager position that I am going to follow up on tomorrow. My parents have voiced concern that they may have to take care of me the rest of my life (great faith). I would like to take classes to sit for the SHRM certification which may give me an edge in getting a position but there is no money for that. So I have no prospects and no money, YIPPEE 2010! Bring it!

Oh and what's up with ole Racist H. Reid?

Saturday, January 09, 2010

What a Traumatic Day!

For me that is. G started upwards three weeks ago. They have had two practices, and last night coach called to say she had a game today. She stayed at my parents' last night, but her suit was here so they dropped by on the way to the game to get her suit. She wore blue jeans under her ball clothes cause they got her dressed at the gym.

These games are total and complete torture just as the director said, "controlled chaos." They didn't know what they were doing, nary a one of them. G got the ball once and didn't even bother to dribble it, just ran it to the goal. The coaches kid wouldn't throw the ball in from the sideline, he just handed it off and cried because he had to give the ball up. G had the ball stolen from her twice as she dribbled. The last kid she guarded wanted to play chase with G instead of watch the ball himself. PITIFUL and why didn't someone tell me how bad it would be?!?!

But before all of this (where the trauma comes in), I spilled my 20 oz coffee on the floor in the gym of my parents church where upwards is played. I was mortified, and my dad was pissed. I also ended up with a headache because I couldn't have coffee again before the game was over. We had to be at the gym at 8:30am, what were they thinking?!?!?!?

She was awarded for the day the white star, the Christ-like award. All the kids got an award, and this was the most important given out. I believe it was the only award left and she was the last kid to not have one already would be happy if she got that one award every game although if she doesn't learn how to play the game that may be the only award for her to get.

The highlight of the day though was my mom agreed to cut my hair off at chin length which looks so much better!!

And before I get comments about the whole "having fun learning the game thing", you did not see my child's face out there not knowing what she was doing! I know my child, and if she doesn't understand how to do something or doesn't think she can do it well, she doesn't like to try it. She was fairly stressed out there not sure what to do or where to go. That was very tough for me to watch. She did not enjoy it until it was over same goes for her mama.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Did I Show You, Interwebs, My Most Present?

G drew and colored this picture for my Christmas present. I helped her wrap it up and then I waited until Christmas morning to open it. Today I put it in a frame and hung it up in my room. Of course my hair isn't as short as that though I want it to be, heh.

Brrr, Baby, It's Cold Outside

Too bad G still had school today though some schools in our area did close for this, and no, the roads were fairly clear except in smallish patches. The schools that closed were private ones or extremely rural where buses would have a time, and yes, this amount of snow in our area will cause a panic and a clearing of the grocery shelves of milk, bread, tp and batteries (for when it turns to ice and brings the power down). That is the problem for our area, it isn't so much snow but ice that gets us.

It was however warmer this morning than yesterday. G and I went outside without coats for pictures though she did wear a coat to school with gloves.

She also bounded out of bed when I told her I wanted to show her something. She answered with "Is it snow, Mama? My fwiends talked about it yesturhday that it was gonna snow." All the while hurring out of bed to go look. Maybe we will get real snow tomorrow or Saturday to play in.

The daycare has closed already but the school isn't letting out early. I guess the aftercare is still open seeing as that is where G goes after school, I hope so anyway.

We Are Coming...

The politicians have ignored us. They think they know best. They want to tear down the very fabric of freedom woven through our country. They don't like not being able to control us. We ourselves have allowed them to control us by being complacent and passive to their actions in the past. We allowed our universities to teach a liberal leftist ideology without a fight. We are definitely as a society reaping what we have sown.

Why do they punish virtue and allow vice to go crazy free? Did you know that there is a marriage penalty in Obamacare? Up to $2000 per year more for being married.

Obama is the worst president in our nation's history. He, in one year, has the worst poll numbers than Bush had after 8 years. In less than one year as of today's Rasmussen poll those who strongly approve of Obama is 27%. Those who strongly DISapprove is 39%. In less than one year he did what it took Bush to do in 8 years and he had help from the MSM to reach low numbers. Obama has the MSM in his pocket and his numbers still are tanking!

So we need to be pro-active, find and support good candidates who are willing to stand strong against the move to make America a socialist country! STOP OBAMACARE NOW! Call your senators and representatives to stop it. As a matter of fact, blast Blanche Lincoln with calls to stop it and stand up against the dirty deals that were put in to buy votes!

Blanche Lincoln is upset over Ben Nelson's sweetheart deal. Of course she is pissed she didn't hold out longer to get the same type deal. The senate's number is 202.225.3121 ask for Blanche Lincoln. Tell her to stand up and fight Obamacare. She is not polling well in her home state, AR. Actually she is gone for all intents and purposes but she may be able to have a fighting chance if she will stand up to the Man! I am going to start a campaign called Bye-Bye Blanche because she voted for Obamacare. I would re-think it if she would change her vote!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I <3 Mike Adams

"One of These Things is Not Like the Others
by Mike Adams
"There is something about the name Jesus Christ that drives the non-believer mad. Any reference to the name (or to a quotation) of Jesus arouses in the non-believer a dissonance that cannot be aroused by any other source. I thought about that dissonance – a feeling I used to experience regularly - when I received a call from a distressed co-worker who, unlike me, does not have the benefit of tenure.
"That untenured co-worker was distressed because his supervisor had told him that some people were offended by the use of Bible verses in emails sent using the university email system. The university system had been altered to include a function that allowed people to add a personal signature. That signature appears automatically at the bottom of every email they send. Some employees had chosen to add a Bible verse below their name and to save it using the signature function.
"The problem, according to the employee who contacted me, was not that some people were offended by the Bible verses. The problem was that there was a proposed ban, which was, according to his understanding, to apply only to Bible verses. This was surely done to preserve the so-called “wall of separation” between of church and state.
"This “wall” is mentioned nowhere in our Constitution and is generally used as a device to impede the free exercise of religion, which is mentioned in our Constitution. This notion has been used to ban references to Christmas from my campus. It has also been used to remove the phrase “Good Friday” from the university calendar.
"I took special interest in the email signature issue because I have seen a good number of emails with personalized signatures, including, but not limited to, the following:
*Egyptian proverbs
*Quotations of Confucius
*Quotations of Nietzsche
*Gay Pride Rainbow Flags
*Bible verses
"The five signature examples listed above have at least two things in common: 1) They are all potentially offensive to someone. 2) They are all examples of constitutionally protected free speech.
"I am personally offended by the gay rainbow flag. The rainbow is, to me, an Old Testament religious symbol. It represents a solemn promise from God to His people. It should not be used as a symbol of pride for a lifestyle that is proscribed by the Old Testament. Nonetheless, I would fight for any homosexual or homosexual activist if his, her, or its right to use this symbol in personal emails was under attack from a fundamentalist Christian.
"Of course, offensive speech by homosexuals and homosexual activists is never under attack at the postmodern liberal university. But Christian speech is. And too few Christians are both aware of what is happening and courageous enough to do something about it.
"Recently, a Christian friend of mine said that Bible verses should not be allowed at all in our public university emails because they might be “offensive” to someone. But this is a weak and indefensible position.
"Once the university has opened a forum and it has resulted in claims of personal “discomfort” there are only two reasonable responses: 1) The university can remain completely viewpoint neutral in any ensuing controversy. 2) They can shut down the forum entirely.
"The middle position of banning only particular forms of religious and political expression is simply unacceptable. It is both legally and morally indefensible.
"I waited entirely too long to respond to the report of a possible ban on Bible verses – and only Bible verses – in the university email system. But, when I did, my response involved two steps: 1) I added a signature line saying “Mike Adams, Jn316.” 2) I made certain that I sent emails to UNC administrators who had demonstrated a desire to ban all forms of forms of Christian expression at the university.
"During a recent email exchange over a matter of official university business one of our lower-level administrators responded to my “Jn316” signature. She did so by changing hers to read 'John, Paul, George, and Ringo.'
"By taking the time to alter her signature just for me, this administrator demonstrated two things: 1) The amount of cattiness in a given department is directly correlated with the number of feminists it employs. 2) As stated previously, any reference to the name (or to a quotation) of Jesus arouses in the non-believer a dissonance that cannot be aroused by any other source.
Jesus arouses in the non-believer an unmatched dissonance because He spent his life pushing people’s buttons and questioning the status quo. He did not suffer fools lightly and had nothing resembling tolerance for Pharisaic hypocrisy. Were He walking the Earth today, He would likely reserve his harshest judgment for the hypocritical university liberal.
"Jesus did not die on a cross in order to for us to live a life a comfort. His death obligates us to push people’s buttons as He would do were He walking the Earth today. We are not to do so despite the fact that it makes people feel uncomfortable. We are to do so because it makes them feel uncomfortable.
"We must never miss an opportunity to cause discomfort among those who wish to ban the Name entirely. What better way to lead them down the road towards Damascus?"

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

if It Wasn't for a Faulty Memory and the Unemployment Thing

Today would have been a good day to stay in bed. I got the days mixed up for return of school; Christmas vacation was through Jan 5th not to it. So school returns tomorrow. But we had to be up anyway to report to the bad news office, AKA unemployment office, only to be told that I have to file a new claim in TN and be turned down before I can get the Tier 2 extension. By the way TN is roughly $200 less a week than AR.

There is no def. length known to get a determination. By the way, it seems very odd to me that companies must pay in different amounts to states for unemployment tax based on where the employee lives but the unemployment guidelines allow payment out based on where the employee works. There is some money missing in AR because the UE tax rate on employers is 2% more than in TN. You know, so there's that. Granted it is on a limited amount not the full payroll amount but still. The law says a claimant can file in the state in which they live or in the state where they worked.

I am a leettle beet [forefinger and thumb almost touching] frustrated, if you know what I mean.

A new claim could mess up any other extension possibility as well as it is $200 less. Oh and renter's che3ck showed up with a Jan 4th postmark but check date 12/29. Hmmmm, how convenient. Of course that is one less month I have to claim on taxes.

After leaving that office I called a friend near by and invited me and G over to her house to play with her 2 year old and visit some. She was so kind and allowed us to do so. In needing to process what I had been told I needed to not come straight home with G who was unrelenting in questioning why we didn't finish the box game we started while waiting at the UE office. I needed that couple of hours to unwind.

Oh and to top it all off, I can't get through to the TN office either.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Well, Vacation Is Over

Tomorrow is back to school day. I am so totally dreading it! 6:00 am will come early I'm afraid. G misses her friends, but I know she won't like getting up at 6: 30am.

It is so cold outside and inside that everything takes forever to cook or get dry. Surely the heating elements in my oven, microwave and dryer wouldn't go out on me at the same time. Actually the oven isn't going out but things are taking longer to get done so I am blaming it on the cold weather. I keep the heat between 62 and 64. Funny how in the summer 62 feels really good but is way cold in the winter.

I have to report to the unemployment office in the morning to keep my claim open this year. Apparently claims run in calendar year cycles. I am not really sure what is going to happen but the notice said no benefit would be paid this week. Nice huh?

The rent check hasn't come either and today is what? the 4th. I called today and was told it was mailed last Thursday on Dec 31. I should have received it already. I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach, and it ain't good. I asked the renter if they were still living there. I have a sense that they are planning to move. I have really tried to leave them alone except when they need something done. I hope they stay at least until I can sell it or until I can get a job and won't need to depend on it. And I hope they don't think I am making any money on them because I am def. not actually having to add $55 to their check to pay the bank!

Speaking of jobs, I haven't one still, but I did have a dream last night that I was offered my job back and had to take it because refusing it would have messed up the unemployment anyway and it wasn't a good job when I returned either. That means I am extremely stressed out which explains the pain I am having in my right shoulder/back/neck that caused me to be unable to move last January.

Therapy is now charging on a sliding scale since we weren't made a family via DHS. Now each session will be $23 so I won't be taking G back since I can't afford that right now. I think we will try to go 4 weeks in Jan. We met our new therapist today. Obviously we won't pick right back up where we were with Ms. A.

With the $20 gift card to tarjay I won in November I spent it all on clinical strength deodorant (yes I do need that strength) and two movies: ($5 each) Hook and Wallace & Gromit, A Grand Day Out (or something like it). We live such an exciting life, heh. G didn't follow Hook very well even though I explained it before popping it in the player. We had recently watched Peter Pan so I thought with that and my explanation she would be fine, nah. Too busy to keep up with the goings on in the movie.

I also haven't taken not one picture in the new year. Can you believe it? Just not very motivated I guess. Soon I will be back in the swing of things I pray. I do have a business opportunity calling me to interview 2 hours away but it is commission only selling life insurance and securities (financial planning) to middle income families. Yeah, I am so on to that, NOT. We all know where my venture into selling on straight commission lead me (2006 blah).

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Things That Shape You

My pastor's sermon today was actually pretty good. He talked about the new year of course and our response to it. The part that struck me the most was about things that shape you. Now, I fade in and out of his sermons sometimes because he doesn't give 1, 2, 3 steps or a, b, c points, so it is hard for me to remain focused. (I need an outline or points to write down in order to focus).

Anyway, my point is that I didn't hear whether he came up with this alone or if he got it from a specific book or author so I am going to say my pastor said it in his sermon and may have referenced it, but I missed it. He said at least two things shape you: 1) not the things that happened to you in your past but your interpretation of what happened to you in your past and 2) your belief about what will happen in the future.

Now the future comment I know he referred to Viktor Frankl and his experience in the concentration camps, (by the way, if you haven't read Man's Search for Meaning then you are missing a lot!). Frankl wanted to know why some people died in the camps (not the ones killed but the ones that just gave up and died) and some didn't. He discovered it was their outlook. The ones that had hope survived and the ones who didn't gave up and died.

So the big question is how will you let the future shape you and how will you let your past shape you? Of course the "you" is referring to me too.

If you happen to know my pastor, do not tell him I can't pay attention to his sermons it may hurt his feelings.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Two Words For You-

Sherlock Holmes
(okay, maybe a few more words)
The Best Movie Ever!
Oh and Happy First Day of 2010.
A friend and I went to see this movie last night. Robert Downey Jr. plays Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law plays Dr. Watson. Wonderfully casted I must say. I LURVES Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes. There was excitement and great acting and lovely London scenes from the 1800s. The very brilliant mentally tortured Holmes fit RDJ well or rather he fit the part well. If you have any plans for a movie go see it. There is a lot of violence in it though so be warned.
At $9.50 for the movie and $4 for the coffee to sip while enjoying it I really can't afford the luxury but it was New Year's Eve, the end of the suckiest of sucky years and G was spending the night with her Grammie and Grandad. So while my parents bought G a new pair of tennis shoes, not that hers had holes in them or anything they just looked ragged, I spent the last bit of unemployment off the card for this week on myself at a movie! Yes, I am selfish, but the movie was so good and so very funny and well, so very worth it.
Then after the movie we headed back to my friend's house to have tea and watch Letterman with her hubby who was totally not feeling well enough to go to the movie with us. I was on my way home with 10 mins to spare to the new year. I did see it come in only because I was having to clean up a mess left by my very sleepy cats who decided to punish my not going to bed early by wetting the floor, thankyouverymuch. I saw about an hour of the day before finally heading off to sleep where I continued to dream about the movie.