Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today the ballgame was much better. G even got in there and got the ball in a tug of war type move. I was proud of her. She even got the best effort start which she gave her best effort today and it was well deserved. Of course when she had the ball she would quickly pass it off to the other team, oh well. We have to work on the concept of team and teammate, again.


Vivian M said...

Go Miss G!!!!! Woot woot!!!

Jennifer said...

So cute! I'm glad G seems to be getting it. It's hard working on that team concept. Everybody wants that big orange ball ;).
Also they don't play 2 on 2 on Sophie's team. They do have their own color to guard, but that's it. Today was funny because a girl pushed her down and Sophie gave her the look of death... wish I had my camera.

Super Mommy said...

Yay G! What a far cry for the better from the first day of BB!