Thursday, January 07, 2010

Brrr, Baby, It's Cold Outside

Too bad G still had school today though some schools in our area did close for this, and no, the roads were fairly clear except in smallish patches. The schools that closed were private ones or extremely rural where buses would have a time, and yes, this amount of snow in our area will cause a panic and a clearing of the grocery shelves of milk, bread, tp and batteries (for when it turns to ice and brings the power down). That is the problem for our area, it isn't so much snow but ice that gets us.

It was however warmer this morning than yesterday. G and I went outside without coats for pictures though she did wear a coat to school with gloves.

She also bounded out of bed when I told her I wanted to show her something. She answered with "Is it snow, Mama? My fwiends talked about it yesturhday that it was gonna snow." All the while hurring out of bed to go look. Maybe we will get real snow tomorrow or Saturday to play in.

The daycare has closed already but the school isn't letting out early. I guess the aftercare is still open seeing as that is where G goes after school, I hope so anyway.


The Byrd's Nest said...

I can't believe all of the snow everywhere!!! Texas waited until I left the country to have the first White Christmas in 81 years!!!

Looks like you two had a wonderful cozy Christmas together.

Vivian M said...

Cool! We have loads of snow, lol. I heard it even snowed in Miami, Florida. What weird weather.
Hope you don't lose power and stay warm!