Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally Vertical

Oh, we have a cold front coming, and it has come straight through my head. Dang global warming, you would think it was winter here or something. My head started hurting this morning but then really got to me by 2ish. I was physically sick because of it. I still had to pick G up at school, but was not sure I would make it. I called my mom to see if we could come out there until my headache quit (someone needed to be with G), but she said they wouldn't be there. It was just as well as couldn't make it to her house anyway. I managed to get us home and myself to bed (to which G replied, "You never do this to me. I don't like you being sick" and she is right I don't). I did take an alleve (generic), and by 4pm I was able to stand up without being sick.

Anyway, I got home and there was a check from TN waiting on me (couldn't deal with it until my head stopped hurting). It was unemployment payment from 8/7 - 10/24, 2009. Not even the whole end of the year, I have to file for the rest?!?!?!?! Nevermind that we are well into 2010 now, I still have to file for 10/31 to now. Back dating so to speak on their system, even though they have records from AR that I did in fact not work all that time.

The weekly amount is $275. AR was $431. I have decided (rightly or wrongly) that I will do nothing about AR payback until I get a formal request demand. That does mean though that I will be required to pay AR state tax on the benefits received in 2009, the same ones that I will have to repay, but again I can't worry about that right now.

I have applied for two positions with the chamber today. I found out about the positions today from "a man" who serves on the Hope House board and on the chamber. I applied anyway at his urging today even though it posted on Monday. I e-mailed my resume and hopefully "a man" will have some say as to my possibly getting an interview or not. (I am intentionally being vague about the positions right now).

Hope House is an emergency food, emergency shelter, women transitioning from jail ministry serving locally. HH teams with the local food bank to give food away once a month. I am now the coordinator for the food giveaways while I am unemployed. The director of HH (who has very many connections locally) recommended me to "a man", actually just telling him to hire me for the position (she didn't know I already knew about both positions and applied). The HH director also told "a man" that if she dropped dead today she would want me to take over as director for HH. That is a HUGE compliment! With her behind me I may have a shot at either one of the positions. The funny thing is there haven't been a lot of calls this week so I have been playing a lot of spider solitaire and reading books. I haven't been able to be on the internet because the connection isn't good at HH as it is currently located in the warehouse side of another business.

Sometime somehow this unemployment nightmare has to end. Thanks for the suggestions and prayers. I am looking into some options not the least of which is calling some congressmen or women in and around both states.

I did not watch the POTUS' SOTUS because Obama makes my head hurt. I did see Justice Samuel Alito and his "You lie" moment though, today. GO SAM A! Obama way over spoke on the Supreme Court.

By the way, how much did the dow drop after his attacks on Wall St.? The man is def. crazy and has no clue how to be a leader. I want the "Don't Blame Me I Voted for Palin" sticker. There are some really good sites that disputed the "facts" from the SOTUS by the way. I know Foxnews had a link or maybe the article. I saw it

And what is up with Chris Matthews? Can an African American male not give a good speech? What does, "I forgot he was black?" mean? Seriously, I couldn't believe it. That is the most racist statement one could make in our "post racial" except when it helps you society. Matthews needs to go just for being an idiot. Back in the campaign he said the whole, "tingle up my leg" with regard to an Obama speech. Now this? Ridiculous. I really think the left has the bigger problem on race.


Catching Butterflies 3 said...

I read this on face book. I thought you would like it! I pray for you to get a job...and will keep praying.

I saw on the internet that Haiti is without a government. To help out, I am donating one Obama, one Pelosi, one Reid, one Frank, one Coakley, and two Clintons. Haiti may keep them permanently. I'd give them a constitution; but I can't find mine right now.

Stephanie Boaz said...

Keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers that one of the positions comes through for you! I also agree with your decision to wait on paying back any unemployment, until you are actually employed. You can only do what you can do.

Lindy said...

I really admire you for doing volunteer work while you are not working. Not only is it good to get out of the house, but the experience will look good on your resume. Good luck with the Chamber jobs!

Vivian M said...

Praying that "the man" can help you land the job!
Hope your migraine is better. :o(