Tuesday, January 05, 2010

if It Wasn't for a Faulty Memory and the Unemployment Thing

Today would have been a good day to stay in bed. I got the days mixed up for return of school; Christmas vacation was through Jan 5th not to it. So school returns tomorrow. But we had to be up anyway to report to the bad news office, AKA unemployment office, only to be told that I have to file a new claim in TN and be turned down before I can get the Tier 2 extension. By the way TN is roughly $200 less a week than AR.

There is no def. length known to get a determination. By the way, it seems very odd to me that companies must pay in different amounts to states for unemployment tax based on where the employee lives but the unemployment guidelines allow payment out based on where the employee works. There is some money missing in AR because the UE tax rate on employers is 2% more than in TN. You know, so there's that. Granted it is on a limited amount not the full payroll amount but still. The law says a claimant can file in the state in which they live or in the state where they worked.

I am a leettle beet [forefinger and thumb almost touching] frustrated, if you know what I mean.

A new claim could mess up any other extension possibility as well as it is $200 less. Oh and renter's che3ck showed up with a Jan 4th postmark but check date 12/29. Hmmmm, how convenient. Of course that is one less month I have to claim on taxes.

After leaving that office I called a friend near by and invited me and G over to her house to play with her 2 year old and visit some. She was so kind and allowed us to do so. In needing to process what I had been told I needed to not come straight home with G who was unrelenting in questioning why we didn't finish the box game we started while waiting at the UE office. I needed that couple of hours to unwind.

Oh and to top it all off, I can't get through to the TN office either.


Vivian M said...

Ugh, they really like to complicate things! Crossing my fingers that it all gets straightened out, because I had to read your post twice and am still confused, lol.
Stay warm and good luck with the first day of school! (Kerri has not been back since she is still sick).

Stephanie Boaz said...

That stinks that they have to make this so difficult. It should just be an automatic extension! I hope you get everything resolved quickly, and that the job market in your area improves soon! Big hugs.

AG'smoma said...

We were glad to have you both! Hope things get worked out with TN and/or AR.