Saturday, January 23, 2010

One Year Ago...

Today I was laid off from my job and have yet to find a replacement job. Sucks to be me right now! I am still between states on unemployment. TN is so busy that there is not one person available to answer the phone. I have only an e-mail that says my claim has been filed and I will receive a response between 5 and 10 business days but shouldn't call until after the 12th day (which will be this coming Monday by the way) if I hadn't heard anything by then. There is no real office to go to locally. This means as of this week I have received NO unemployment check in 3 weeks. Like I said, sucks to be me. I have absolutely no other income and right now only bills through Jan are paid.

Please pray that something somewhere will break. I was asked by a temp agency when told about a possible job that if I was offered the job I couldn't look for something better because it would hurt the relationship between the temp agency and the business. Never mind that the temp agency didn't offer me the job and told me on the phone that I was way over qualified for it. I don't think that is a fair request to make to anyone who has ever been laid off from a job. There is no loyalty to employees anymore.

Oh and did you see Obama speak in Ohio yesterday. Seemed a bit angry to me. I feel sorry for Haiti because based on his taxing the banks he bailed out will he then demand Haiti to refund the bailout we gave them? Why isn't he taxing GM and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Maybe because those are dems' pet financing machines? Seems Wall St. didn't like what he said either. Every time he speaks the stocks tank.

I think it is time for him to be quiet and let the "evil" capitalist markets to take over to recover this nation to its (before Obama, that is) former glory.


Vivian M said...

Girl, I am praying hard for you...I wish there was something I could do!
Have you ever considered working virtually? Sometimes major companies ( is one of them) have virtual positions.

Kim said...

I wonder if the man has it in him to just shut up for a week? A measly week. I'm tired of him beating down on the banks, I'm tired of him dragging down the market. I'm still ticked the gov didn't see Citi at $5. Shoot, even I did that, a mere citizen.