Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thawing Some

So the snow/ice is thawing some. I managed to get to my parents house today. I did miss G very much starting about 2pm yesterday. I was quite bored at home without her. She on the other hand only missed me when I called her and when it was bed time.

The power at my parents came back on about noonish central time yesterday. It took a while for the whole house to heat up but eventually everything was back to normal. G told me that she enjoyed living like they did before having power. It always was an adventure for us as kids to have the power go out which happened a lot in the country.

Have no idea if enough of the roads will be drivable for school tomorrow but we will keep watching and waiting. If it heats up past freezing it may help for the buses to drive on it. There was one solid sheet of ice in front of my house and on the road to my parents (rural roads where buses have to go). If the buses can't run then no school.

I however can get G and me home so we will be fine and that is truly all that matters. I probably could have picked her up yesterday but was slightly afraid of being stuck at my parents and the dog being stuck at home, which would so be not fair.

My sinus headache from Thursday has now turned into an infection with a soar throat and gunk all packed nicely in my nose. G told me I sounded funny, heh. I feel like a spiked toad has permanently taken up residence in my throat. Oh the joys of winter colds.

My mom has now spent enough time with G to notice her faults. That is a whole 'nuther (intentionally misspelled) post to do. It is interesting, but I got the "We have got to do something about this" lecture from my mom. Of course, I am sure she isn't pointing blame at me for the whole "something" needing to be done, right?

G had my mom doing lots of crafts yesterday, lovely Valentine's projects and patterns. They are now working on a Spring craft together. It took a while for my mom to understand what G was saying 'cause G was pouting at the time as well as growing increasingly frustrated with the misunderstanding. G has a tendency to revert to helpless pre-toddler status when frustrated, angry, or sad, meaning she becomes helpless at all the things she should be able to do on her own like getting dressed or you know, just playing on her own. It will drive a person nuts and it boils down to needing to control. It is all attachment/control issue related and now my mom is seeing some of it herself. Like I said, needed in another post.

So for now we are together and I can get home with her today but have no idea about school tomorrow yet.

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Super Mommy said...

Thawing is a good thing! Glad you were able to get G and your parents' electricity came back one, can't imagine being in a snowstorm without it!

Snow Days aren't so bad...we used to get them a lot when I was growing up in Michigan ;0)