Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Day Just Gets Better and Better, Doesn't It?

With a thanks to Instapundit for the tip, TSA nominee, Erroll Southers, has withdrawn his nomination. To read the whole thing go to the Washington Post.

The more Obama's leftist agenda comes to light; the more push back there is. Obama is a Marxist in all deeds and some words. He is the worst president since FDR who stretched the misery of the Great Depression out for 9 more years with the Socialist New Deal. That was not the Deal we needed then and it is NOT the deal we need now.

Our Constitution is to protect citizens from tyrannical governments like the one Obama is trying to bring about! We need to stand up, get active and stop Obama in his track. 2010 just gets better and better. "LAME DUCK Obama" has a nice ring to it, now doesn't it?

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