Monday, January 11, 2010

Today We Had a Sick Day

G complained about a soar throat yesterday but had not temperature. Today was a different story. She wasn't hungry, felt sick to her tummy and had trouble swallowing so I took her temp today. That sucker shot up fast to 99.9 so I watched it. I got tired of waiting for the change and listening to the beef as it went from 100.6 to 101. Since it was over 100 so she had to stay home. Hoping tomorrow at 6:30am she won't have a temp so she can go to school.

Of course she practically drowned all night due to the drainage in her throat. I just knew we were going to have a throwing up night. Thankfully she didn't throw up but I stayed awake most of the night listening for it. We are both sneezing our heads off as well.

What did she do instead of go to school? She worked on her lego house while wearing my fleece sweatshirt I got in Italy in 1999, because she said she was cold. She hasn't given my shirt back to me either and I am cold too. Seems winter has settled and stayed with low low temps. Algore, where is my global warming?

She was not happy about skipping school but really we had no choice. There is a 24 hour rule and it was over 100. I don't think she has had another temp today though. Basketball practice is tonight and she was also worried about missing it. She actually likes practice.

She has also watched a lot of Qubo but has also turned it off for a couple of hours to do crafts. At one point she did accidentally put the corner of a construction paper in her eye during craft's time. So far it seems to be okay and she is not worried with it anymore. Of course all I could think was "Great eye doctor appt for torn cornea," sympathetic huh?

Off topic, last Sunday one of the Sunday school members mentioned that things can't be so bad that they won't get worse still in response to my glad tidings of welcoming 2010 in. The very next week things got much worse. The local UE office reported that I missed my appt to report which is a lie because I did show up on 1/4 as instructed. Second, TN hasn't approved or denied my claim which could still be sometime next week. I have a house payment due Thursday as well as other bills to pay.

I applied on line Saturday to a factory for an HR manager position that I am going to follow up on tomorrow. My parents have voiced concern that they may have to take care of me the rest of my life (great faith). I would like to take classes to sit for the SHRM certification which may give me an edge in getting a position but there is no money for that. So I have no prospects and no money, YIPPEE 2010! Bring it!

Oh and what's up with ole Racist H. Reid?

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Catching Butterflies 3 said...

I pray that you get a job now, that God does turn it around for you personally. I also pray for your health. God bless you both to the point of over whelming...maybe even a trip to Jesus name. Amen!