Thursday, January 07, 2010

We Are Coming...

The politicians have ignored us. They think they know best. They want to tear down the very fabric of freedom woven through our country. They don't like not being able to control us. We ourselves have allowed them to control us by being complacent and passive to their actions in the past. We allowed our universities to teach a liberal leftist ideology without a fight. We are definitely as a society reaping what we have sown.

Why do they punish virtue and allow vice to go crazy free? Did you know that there is a marriage penalty in Obamacare? Up to $2000 per year more for being married.

Obama is the worst president in our nation's history. He, in one year, has the worst poll numbers than Bush had after 8 years. In less than one year as of today's Rasmussen poll those who strongly approve of Obama is 27%. Those who strongly DISapprove is 39%. In less than one year he did what it took Bush to do in 8 years and he had help from the MSM to reach low numbers. Obama has the MSM in his pocket and his numbers still are tanking!

So we need to be pro-active, find and support good candidates who are willing to stand strong against the move to make America a socialist country! STOP OBAMACARE NOW! Call your senators and representatives to stop it. As a matter of fact, blast Blanche Lincoln with calls to stop it and stand up against the dirty deals that were put in to buy votes!

Blanche Lincoln is upset over Ben Nelson's sweetheart deal. Of course she is pissed she didn't hold out longer to get the same type deal. The senate's number is 202.225.3121 ask for Blanche Lincoln. Tell her to stand up and fight Obamacare. She is not polling well in her home state, AR. Actually she is gone for all intents and purposes but she may be able to have a fighting chance if she will stand up to the Man! I am going to start a campaign called Bye-Bye Blanche because she voted for Obamacare. I would re-think it if she would change her vote!

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