Monday, January 04, 2010

Well, Vacation Is Over

Tomorrow is back to school day. I am so totally dreading it! 6:00 am will come early I'm afraid. G misses her friends, but I know she won't like getting up at 6: 30am.

It is so cold outside and inside that everything takes forever to cook or get dry. Surely the heating elements in my oven, microwave and dryer wouldn't go out on me at the same time. Actually the oven isn't going out but things are taking longer to get done so I am blaming it on the cold weather. I keep the heat between 62 and 64. Funny how in the summer 62 feels really good but is way cold in the winter.

I have to report to the unemployment office in the morning to keep my claim open this year. Apparently claims run in calendar year cycles. I am not really sure what is going to happen but the notice said no benefit would be paid this week. Nice huh?

The rent check hasn't come either and today is what? the 4th. I called today and was told it was mailed last Thursday on Dec 31. I should have received it already. I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach, and it ain't good. I asked the renter if they were still living there. I have a sense that they are planning to move. I have really tried to leave them alone except when they need something done. I hope they stay at least until I can sell it or until I can get a job and won't need to depend on it. And I hope they don't think I am making any money on them because I am def. not actually having to add $55 to their check to pay the bank!

Speaking of jobs, I haven't one still, but I did have a dream last night that I was offered my job back and had to take it because refusing it would have messed up the unemployment anyway and it wasn't a good job when I returned either. That means I am extremely stressed out which explains the pain I am having in my right shoulder/back/neck that caused me to be unable to move last January.

Therapy is now charging on a sliding scale since we weren't made a family via DHS. Now each session will be $23 so I won't be taking G back since I can't afford that right now. I think we will try to go 4 weeks in Jan. We met our new therapist today. Obviously we won't pick right back up where we were with Ms. A.

With the $20 gift card to tarjay I won in November I spent it all on clinical strength deodorant (yes I do need that strength) and two movies: ($5 each) Hook and Wallace & Gromit, A Grand Day Out (or something like it). We live such an exciting life, heh. G didn't follow Hook very well even though I explained it before popping it in the player. We had recently watched Peter Pan so I thought with that and my explanation she would be fine, nah. Too busy to keep up with the goings on in the movie.

I also haven't taken not one picture in the new year. Can you believe it? Just not very motivated I guess. Soon I will be back in the swing of things I pray. I do have a business opportunity calling me to interview 2 hours away but it is commission only selling life insurance and securities (financial planning) to middle income families. Yeah, I am so on to that, NOT. We all know where my venture into selling on straight commission lead me (2006 blah).

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