Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a Night, an ICE COLD Night

But not for me. G spent last night with my parents and at 6:30pm their power went off due to the freezing rain under snow under sleet which is what we have right now. Their power is still not on at 10am. When I called earlier this morning G asked if my satellite was off because theirs was, hee. The satellite controls the TV and computer at my parents. She said they were in the "dahurk."

Dad fixed breakfast over the fireplace (Thank God for a fire place) and they are staying in the den/kitchen area. It is such a mess outside and I can't get to them yet. No point when there is no power but the roads are bad too. My parents may sleep in the den tonight with or without G depending on if I can go get her. She has enough clothes to spend one more night if the power will come on for them to wash or she can stay in pjs if not.

Of course Upwards was cancelled so there is that. My power went off sometime but came on at 12:30am. I have no idea how long it was off or when it went off even because I was asleep by 7pm, oh yes I was! I am such a wild and crazy party girl, heh.

Can't decide what movie I want to pop in the VCR either. Dilemma, dilemma. My coffee is hot and good though so I really can't complain, which I am totally not doing. I am glad to have power, heat, food, coffee and a choice of movies from which to pick.

G will probably drive my parents crazy but hopefully not since there are toys there and G, though she likes Qubo and noggin, is not really a TV girl for the most part. She can come up with some fun games to play with one or the other of her grandparents. They have lots of puzzles too.


Sharon said...

You are so cute, Bev!! So sorry their lights went out! We had that a few years ago and had to buy water just to bathe in and have a fire all the time. It was rough.

G. is so luckjy to get to spend nights at her GPs even though!! haha
Bailey is missin her 's!

Vivian M said...

Hope everyone stays safe and warm! Are you missing Miss G yet?

Super Mommy said...

I hope their power comes back on quickly...sounds like they have it under control though! Hope you enjoy your time alone!