Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh No He Didn't!

Oh but he did. Today G and I were at the blue slides when the most unfortunate of events happened, and right now I am not sure to whom it was the most unfortunate of events. You see, there were some kids and three adults at the playground already. The kids ranged in age from 5 yrs up to teenagers. I happened to know the 5 year old because he had actually been in G's daycare class at age 3. Anyway, those kids were playing tag or freeze tag as I knew it, and G was playing on her own. I am not sure if the 5 year old boy was playing or not but anyway, G gets shy and watches for a while first playing on her own until she is more comfortable.

So at one point G was at a "picnic table" within one of the play structures when a 10 year old (maybe older but not by much) went to "hide" near where she was. G and this boy were facing each other (not as in a face off but just toward each other) when I heard him say very loudly, "I HATE Chinese people." Oh, yes, he did! I think I gave myself whiplash for as fast as my head spun in that direction.

I then saw G climbing out of the picnic table so I called her to me and said, "Did someone just say 'I hate Chinese people'?" She said, "Yes." I said, "Was it that boy?" as I pointed in his direction. She said, "Yes." I walked over and confronted the boy. I asked him where his mom was first, then his dad and when he said neither were there I just let him have it. I would have let his parents have it had they been there not just him!

I don't know exactly what I said because the blood was pounding so hard in my ears, that I couldn't hear myself. I know I told him what he said was rude after confirming that he did indeed say what I thought I heard him say; to which he confirmed he did, and immediately apologized for, but I told him sorry wasn't enough. I did make him apologize to G though. I think I told him that was the most racist thing to ever come out of someones mouth. I did not call him a racist or any name for that matter though I was mad enough to throw out some choice words. He seemed shocked and a bit remorseful, but I was still seeing red so I couldn't be sure.

The older teenager came up and asked what happened, and I told her what he said as he again apologized. She took him to the other adults, and I told them what he said. One of the adults told me she would make his dad aware of what he said and that the dad would not be happy about it. I thanked her and told her that I believed that in 5 years we had been home we had never NEVER had that said within our hearing before. Now we have had some weird comments being made but nothing even remotely like that.

Later, before they were leaving I talked again to the lady who happened to be the 5 year old's mom, who knew he was in G's daycare (though not necessarily in her class). She said the offending boy said he meant he didn't like Chinese freeze tag, which they were playing. Of course that was not what he said. I did have a bit of guilt for possibly over reacting until G and I got in the car and she confirmed the comment wasn't "I hate Chinese" or "I hate Chinese tag," but "I hate Chinese people" and that it embarrassed her. I got over the guilt real quick. Now granted he could have said, "I hate Chinese, people" talking to his friends but since I can't see the commas in the air nor did I hear the comma pause, I am pretty sure that was not what he said.

I did call my mom and told her about it because I was so mad, seriously angry and almost in tears. G asked me why he said that, so I explained how sometimes people are really ugly to people they don't know just because of how they look and it is called racist. I told her how I became mama bear and was fierce in protecting her, my baby bear, just like we had talked about last night even. I called my mom back telling her how I had not yet calmed down, and she told me that I needed to go have a coffee or something, heh.

I know I can't protect her all the time. I also know this would happen sooner or later but I wasn't expecting it today! We have had other moments of meanness from school-mates but truly nothing like this from some stranger out of the blue.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Well, Mama, You Can Brush 'Em

G has asked me to keep all of her baby teeth. I told her I would as long as they didn't deteriorate to which she replied, "Well, mama, you could brush 'em." Anyway, here are videos from last night after bath and 12 hours later, give or take, this morning before leaving for school. G is spending every Friday night until I take the test so I can go study with a friend who has offered graciously to tutor me. So since I can't video her after her bath tonight we did so before school and yes the tooth was a bit more loose just after 12 hours. Also, can you tell G grinds her teeth?

I told her not to let the tooth come out until I am there to see it. It really isn't ready yet but I am sure it will be by next week sometime. She also doesn't want the toothfairy to keep her tooth. She really wants to save it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess Who Has a Loose Tooth?

Yesterday morning G told me she "found" the sweet tooth I told her she had. Then she came back later (before we left for school) to tell me she found another. I said, "How can you tell you found them and where are they?" I was a bit concerned when she said, "They are soft, right here." So I told her to open up because I suspected loose teeth, you know soft and all. Of course the teeth she pointed too were not loose which is still troubling, but I did find one little baby tooth in the bottom row that is wiggley enough. She wanted to call her grammie to tell her, and today she called grandad because she forgot to tell him yesterday when she called her grammie.

Anyway, last night I decided we would video the progression so here is the first full day of loose toothness. I turned the video viewer to let G watch the tooth wiggle while I did the video. And, yes, I didn't think of videoing her tooth until after her shower. Maybe tonight I will let her get her PJs on first, heh.

This morning G was brushing her teeth and said, "MAMA!" I spun around and said, "WHAT?" She said, "I fohrgot to check my loose tooth. Can you beweeve I fohrgot to check my loose tooth?" We checked it and yep it is still loose. She has been really excited except for the one very small moment after she realized that having a loose tooth means she is really growing up much to her chagrin. I guess we have a love/hate relationship with growing up around this house anyway. Funny, I never wanted to grow up either, heh.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothing Going On In Particular

G and one of her Lego creations.

G trying to not lose the ball to the other team but I think she did anyway.

G and her grandad outside talking and shooting bow and arrows.
I have applied and was accepted to take the Society of Human Resources SPHR certification exam (I have 117 months of HR experience). That test will be on May 29. A friend who took it in Dec is going to help me study for it. I picked up a study guide today and will hopefully be ready to meet with her when she comes up with a schedule for me. It will be easier for me to study since I am not working.
I had to take one pair of glasses back because the nose rests had a stripped screw or stripped receptacle for the screw, they changed the frame out for me while I waited. Thankfully, I added another pair of glasses to my order, or I would have been in big trouble not being able to see and not being able to keep my glasses on. I like having two pair of glasses for different looks plus one pair of sunglasses. Still and all the three pair with exam was $75 less than one pair with transitional lenses for my Rx. Plus I couldn't find any frames that would look good with transitional lenses that also looked good on me. All of the glasses I did get were very discounted.
G has two more basketball games, one more practice after last night. She is very disappointed that it doesn't last all year. She enjoys when her grandad takes her to practice like last night then took her for french fries b/c she was hungry even after eating supper. She likes spending the time with him and he, her.
We had a bit of a rough morning this morning but she went to school happy anyway. I pray she has a good day. This afternoon we have been invited to go to a friend's home for play time and supper. Can't wait. We need a bit of a diversion I think.
A little girl yesterday laughed at G for eating seaweed snack at lunch. I have a problem with people commenting on foods I eat and dang it if now G has people commenting on foods she eats. She will still eat it for lunch anyway she said. I am mad at that kid who laughed. I am pretty sure there are things she eats that G doesn't like either.
Sometime in March is G's starstudent week. I don't remember if it is the first week or the third week. I asked G to check but she gets things mixed up sometimes as I guess most kindergarteners do. Like yesterday her teacher called G's name and some other kids' names but G didn't understand if it was to ask for money for the class picture or if it was to say they turned in their money. I gave G the money (in an envelope with her name) last week, and it didn't come back home in her notebook, but she didn't realize she turned it in to the teacher. I have no idea what to think about her questions this morning. G asked me if I wanted the picture and why I didn't pay for it but when I tried to explain that I did she said she didn't understand "a wuhrd you ahr sayin'." Sometimes communication with a 5 year old shouldn't happen until I am all coffee'd up which is not first thing in the morning. And yes this is a rambling post as the title of the blog suggests, other ramblings!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Surprise Phone Call

Warranted a couple of hours at the zoo. But first a G conversation: I picked up some Yardley's bar soap from the dollar tree for G to use on her ashie knees. It has a really good smell and G said, "Yum, that smells hard." I said, "Hard?" She said, "Yeah, you know 'hard' like stwong."

So, I got an unexpected call from the eye doc that my glasses were now ready. This call came at 12:35. I knew a drive to the big city would be wasted and I may not get back in time to get G from school anyway, so I checked her out at 12:45 and took her with me. She was very surprised. Anyhoo, we managed to spend about an hour and half at the zoo technically.

I also got a coffee at the now re-opened under another name coffee shop that I used to go to pretty regularly, and it was so good. High Point closed last year or so, much to my sorrow, and a new shop opened with the best coffee (better than the *bucks to me) making me oh so very happy.

Earlier in the day I managed to find a number for a real live person at the TN unemployment office who said they would send me a check for unemployment benefits from the beginning of the year to now as well as the left over balance from last year's payments, and set me up on the auto verification system this week. I will be getting $165 less than AR but because of the now overpayment from last year and my taxes I have paid off two big debts that were roughly $300 a month in payments. So with the rent increase and these two paid off I may be able to just get by. Of course I owe AR a true bunch load in place of but I can only do what I can do.

I still am trying to set up the Vollara business needing a business partner to start getting paid basically. If I can get the self employment thing started then I won't need the unemployment and can maybe start paying back AR. I am still looking for a job so that maybe the Vollara maybe part time or in addition to full time or maybe part time.

I still have to send my AR taxes in and am getting hopefully enough to pay my car insurance. The homeowner's insurance for the house is getting changed to landlord insurance and will be a pretty sizable difference in yearly payment by like $600 less. Pray that the outside inspection goes well and it goes into effect. Maybe that will make the escrow go down and the payments go down a bit. Of course I think the property taxes went up again or will so it may come out even.

G got to spend the night at her grammie's. She hasn't called tonight yet which is strange because she usually does call before she goes to bed. We had sort of a rough night last night with her attempts at control and then a melt down for a bit.

She has a basketball game tomorrow at 10. It is getting better and she is enjoying it more. So tomorrow we will hang out with grammie and grandad after the game as well. For now off to bed for me (to finish this very good book).

I Absolutely Do Not Believe In Luck

I may throw the word around but I truly don't believe in it. I also am not a believer in coincidences. I do believe that at the right time God breaks in our lives in sometimes humanly incomprehensible ways that we explain away wrongly as "coincidences" or "luck." I can't explain the reason that I am currently in this situation other than a bad economy and more people are also affected, it's not just me. I can't answer the question Why did God let this happen? whatever the "this" may be but I can tell you where God was at the time "this" happened. He was on His throne, He was in the moment with the person going through "this," He is nearby no matter how it feels.

Dr. John Townsend has written a wonderful book "Where Is God?" that gives clarity to the question. God cannot be put in a box nor defined by the human finite mind but He wrote a book of 66 love letters to tell us all about Him and His love for us. Dr. Townsend brings alive that Book in his book to help us find God when we feel totally alone, isolated in our problems, looking around for solutions that do not come quickly or not at all.
If you are hurting or know someone with questions this is the best book to help. It came at a very dark time for me and like I said, I don't believe in coincidences or luck, so I know God broke through at that time in my life.
I received this book in return for this review.

Still Believe in Man-made Climate Change?

Algore stands to gain so much money with this farce or he stands to fall into total oblivian once the MSM admits the fallacy behind AGW. When will our media catch up to Britain's media?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Life Is a Comedy of Errors I Think

So no glasses. I went to pick them up and when I put them on I couldn't see. The glasses literally caused my right eyeball to hurt for about an hour and half after I took them off and I didn't leave them on by any means. Apparently, there are + and - diagnosis and - is more common. The + is rare and lucky me, I am +. So on Monday the assistant who apparently was new keyed all my stuff in and didn't note that I am not a regular - I am a very special +. So now my glasses won't be ready until sometime next week. And it really does matter to have the + and - right on glasses.

The renter's sink had a very rotten pipe from the drain to the wall which my dad fixed. Later he will fix the faucet which has leaked a wee bit every since I bought the house in 2000. So thankfully that was an easy sort of fix. I was a bit mad at God this morning for having that happen in the first place. But learning how to trust is an every moment thing not a once learned never forgotten point. I need to remember that anyway.

I did get to see my old neighbor and spoke with her for about an hour which was fun. I also got some other errands run like picking up the blue poster board for G's star student week the first week of March and picked up some new deodorant for me which was on sale at the bullseye store. I exchanged a purchase I made on Wed for some personal items after discovering that I am no longer a 36C I am much closer to a 40B but since they were out I bought 38B and will just deal. My old ones were 36C and apparently much stretched as I still wear them fine, heh.

I have a book review to do tomorrow so stay tuned.

Well, Good News/Bad News

The renters are okay with the rent increase but they called this morning with a very non-descriptive problem of the kitchen sink not working. Not a clue if it isn't draining or if it isn't turning on and I can't get in touch with either of them. The girl called before 6 a.m. about it.

So I am going over to big city anyway armed now with a plumber's number and my dad's willingness to fix it if he can and to see what is going on. I will get to pick my glasses up today too. Finally I will be able to again see while driving at night, WOO HOO!

Oh and G and I had a wonderful morning after getting over the rough getting out of bed moment. No tears or hurt feelings for either of us. Mornings can be really rough sometimes around here.

Last night in bed G told me that Ms. W (school counselor) showed her class the movie "I Love You Like Crazy Cakes" to talk about a big feeling-LOVE. G told me she answered three questions about the movie correctly and got some stickers. One question she answered was where was the baby? Orphanage. I said, "Well, did Ms. W. talk about adoption?"
G said, "Yes"
I said, "What did she say?"
G said, "Adoption."
I said, "Well, did she ask if anyone knew someone who was adopted?"
She said, "Yes and to raise our hands."
I said, "Well did you raise your hand?"
She said, "No, cause I couldn't raise my hand about myself."
I said, "G, you know lots of kids who were adopted like A, G, C, H and C."
She said, "Oh, well, I foorgot." (yes her forgot has an oo sound in it).

She told me she said the baby was happy when asked what the baby was feeling but she couldn't remember if she got a sticker for that or not. I am not sure if I should be concerned and how would a lily white with few sprinkles school know about I Love You Like Crazy Cakes as a good book to talk about feelings with kindergarteners? I was really trying to guage G's feelings about the book 'cause it is a book we have three copies of and read periodically. I have always told her the baby on the cover was her. We used it as our story with a few small changes, heh. The baby does look like G as a baby though I look nothing like the mom. I think she was just proud she knew the answers to the questions because she knows the book really well.

Technically, the school is pretty diverse it is about 50% white, and 50% minority mix of African American, Hispanic, Asian. G is the only kid in her class that is Asian, well, maybe the only one of a small few in Kindergarten but her class picture does not show predominately one color over another.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Need Your Help

I would like feedback on my website for a new business venture. If you would like to give me feedback on my site and look at the products and/or opportunity, please go here. If you wish to give me feedback, come back here and leave a comment with an e-mail addy if you have questions or would like a follow-up. If you wish to just leave feedback then don't leave your addy. Thanks, Me

Now for some updates:

About "the Man" and the possible job with the chamber? nothing. I have seen him several times but he hasn't mentioned my resume or anything. Also, he said that interviews were being held for those who applied last October. Yeah, I didn't even know anything about it then. So that is either still a very long way off or I haven't a shot in helk.

About unemployment, still no news. I will head back to the AR office this week, Friday probably since I get to pick up new glasses tomorrow. TN still has me very very messed up. My tax credit came in so I am fine for a couple of months, bill-wise.

About the renters, I haven't heard from them so I am still praying they will agree to the rent increase and not move out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh Hoo Hoo Hee Hee! Bwahahahahahaha!

This is the FUNNIEST video I have seen, well um, since the Scott Brown Victory video.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Plans for the Day and Update for the Weekend

Today I will have my eyes checked and order new glasses. YEA!! I am overdue by 4 years on this. I am tired of the dark frames so I am hoping to go wire rimmed or at least something to open my eyes up a bit. I also am taking the new lease to the tenants which will have an increase because otherwise I will lose the house.

Please pray they will agree and not try to move. I feel so guilty about it but really I shouldn't. This will bring the rent up to what I pay monthly so that even if I lose unemployment and have no job they will still be able to live and I won't yet lose the house. Technically on rental property one should charge at least $200 more than the mtg but I just couldn't justify that though in the area rent can go for that.

School is out for pres day. G was going to go with me to the big city for the eye doc etc, but at the last min decided to take Grammie up on her offer of spending the night. After church yesterday I took her out there. She brought her newest toy, a child sized pack n' play the graco brand (blue and yellow plaid). I can't figure out how to fold it up though as it was bought on consignment for $6.

Saturday, G, Grammie and I went to a consignment event that happens only twice a year. I knew I would need to get shorts for G because as kind as her cousin is in giving her clothes, our cousin is now well over 2 seasons taller than G. Some time ago our cousin had a major growth spurt and is on target to be 5'10" when she is grown. G, umm, not so much. So although we did receive some summer stuff it is either going to be for next summer (or the next even) or G refuses to wear it because, our cousin, she is also a girly girl where G is not. Oh and G is not 48" tall, only 43". Grammie didn't measure her that well or misread the ruler or had a little help in the measuring, heh.

So back to the consignment, a good friend of ours managed to pick up two pairs of jeans for G on Wed. when she went to it (Thanks C). So I asked my mom if she would go with me to see what goodies we could find. The moment we walked in G spotted this pac n play and nothing would do but that she wanted it. And no, we don't really have room for it but she has played with it quite a bit even taking it to spend the night at Grammies with her two babies in it. She had actually wanted another one that was pink but much larger. It was also more expensive so I nixed it.

G is definitely a "wanter" with expensive tastes that must be genetic. She spotted a beautiful velor brown pantsuit and begged, pleaded, worked up a few tears for it even. It was a size 7 (too big) and also $42 (too much). We did manage to get some deals though, 3 shortalls (which I think she looks so cute in), 2 pairs of jeans, 1 Chinese dragon t-shirt (I need to go to China Sprout to get the meaning of the characters on it), 1 pink shirt/pant outfit (G is apparently over her pink aversion), 1 levi jacket with button embellishment, 2 pairs of shorts, and 1 75cent gap soccer looking shirt just for fun. Oh and we picked up 4 movies (one won't play though). Somehow it was 18 things so if that isn't 18 things then I forgot something. G wore one of her pairs of jeans today after church.

Friday, she wore one of the jeans we got on Wed. from our friend. And she looked very cute with her Love shirt, heart gloves and new(ish) jeans. Friday was her valentine party at school and the first school party I missed due to the food giveaway. G didn't want me to miss the party and refused to understand what I was doing was a valid excuse for missing it.

Saturday was also Upward basketball and G received 3 stars that day, two for the game. The giving of the stars is a bit wonky. I am so not happy about how they do it. We have dissension in the coaching ranks too. Pictures were taken that morning with one of our teammates missing from the group shot. But in the game G did get in there and hustle, getting the ball a time or three and taking it away a couple of times. She totally missed the only shot she had but gave it her best.

Sunday for lunch we had the best Valentine and CNY lunch ever IMHO that is: Breakfast, yum. My mom fixed breakfast for lunch and mac n' cheese for G. It was so good. And I the great taker of Sunday naps? didn't, for which I was not pleased and oh so tired. It was an early bed time for me. And since G was not here I wasn't awakened this morning before the alarm with pokes accompanied by "1,2,3,4,5,6,..." until I grumpily got up only to hear, "I was just counting to 100. I was just counting the snowflakes on your jams" which was my Sunday morning wake up, heh.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

From G and Me!

Happy Chinese New Year- Year of the Tiger! as well.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Worn Out But Good

To day was the food giveaway and I am flat worn out. Should have been to bed an hour ago but you know google reader calls I wanted to update the blog. Oh and the day started early, well, 15 mins early because a toy shifted in the living room causing the Tonka rescue firetruck to go through its spiel three or a million or so times. Took me forever to figure out who the helk was talking in my house. I hate talking toys!

We signed up 400 people. There were some errors and one person acting in deceit. But almost 60 people didn't come pick up their food and we can't deliver. So we called some of the people scheduled for April to come get food and they did. So about 360 or 370 is what the final total is. I will know for sure when I go in to tidy up the paper work on Tuesday.

Monday is a holiday and I am getting my eyes checked because I really am getting to where I can't see. My eyes are getting tired easily and I can't see small things on the counter with my glasses on. Driving in the dark is also getting difficult so I will be glad to get new glasses. It has been 5 years. G is going with me just like she did the summer she came home from China 5 years ago.

I did finally get the last part of the TN unemployment but there is a $355 balance left in the account that I can't access. I am going on Wednesday back to AR to find out what to do. I can't get anyone in Tennessee on the phone or on the internet. I am blocked from using their certification system but they won't sent the other $355 which may hold AR up from doing anything. It is still a mess and I am still looking for a job.

Tomorrow G has ball pictures and a game then she, Grammie and I are going to a consignment show/shop after we take all of the OCDF stuff to FEDEX to ship back to NY. I was going to run the OCDF store for our local FCC CNY but it was cancelled due to snow and apparently we couldn't reschedule it. The three boxes have since become the bain of my existence (is that the right word?) because UPS delivered it 3 weeks ago, putting it in my shed without telling me they delivered it (I wasn't home). I saw it on the Sunday before Jan 31 (our FCC party). The boxes have remained there and that is $4000 worth of stuff in my shed stuffed so that the door didn't shut.

It is going back as it came so if anything is broken hopefully I won't get charged because I didn't open a thing or move them until tonight to put them in my truck. One of our FCC members is going to ship it for me and he will be reimbursed by FCC. I will never volunteer to run the store again. It is way to much responsibility to take on without a large enough place to store it.

Today at the food giveaway I saw many people in much worse situation than me (not that it makes me feel good) so I def. have a peace about leaving my financial mess in God's hands (Who better to handle it, right). I just need to remember to quit taking it back out!!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow Update--2010

I came home and left G to play some more with her Grandad. Here is the deal though, I hadn't planned to leave G at my parents thus we didn't pack up her lovey. So her two blankets and bunny are here with me, and she (hopefully) is blissfully unaware, at least until bedtime. It was a bit scary driving home, and I have a 4X4. So, I am waiting word on whether the school will still be closed tomorrow or not. It rained some, and then it is supposed to freeze so who knows!

Oh and did I tell you what I did yesterday? No, well let me fill you in. After church G and I were coming home and passed a house that had a perfectly good toaster oven set out for the garbage men. This house's owner passed away in December (before Christmas) and the girlfriend was cleaning it out. So I went dumpster diving in the dead man's dumpster. I found a GE food processor (tan and orange if that gives you an idea of the age), the Black and Decker Toaster Oven (sits on the counter), a steel collander like my mom's, a butcher block knife holder with a few knives in it, and three corningware bowls. I felt funny doing it so I left with just that but didn't go back. Now I wouldn't go back because of the snow and sludge. I didn't find tops to the corning ware but they were just 1 quart bowls.

I cleaned up everything and used the toaster oven tonight. I filled in some of the missing knives with my own knives. One of the knives that was in it is a bit wonky so I will dispose of that one myself. The blade is really loose. It does feel a bit weird to have the dead man's things but I can get over that pretty fast. And yes this was all going to the trash or some other dumpster diver because some of the stuff I pulled out of the blue curb can.

Looking Out My Backdoor

We had another bit of snow today. At 6am I let the dog outside and saw the winter wonderland of beautiful white snow. Stupidly I went to wake G so she too could see the snow. Then I took her back to bed and said, "Let's go back to sleep for a bit longer." Ummm, yeah, that worked, not at all. So at 6:30ish I gave up and fixed our breakfast. So much for the eye doc appt I scheduled this a.m. and was looking so foward to!! No school so we came out to play in Grandad's yard. Grammie and I stayed in while G and Grandad played outside, heh.

Here she is waiting to throw that snowball on grandad.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Would Have Been 99 Today

Ronald Reagan would have been 99 years old today. Gosh to go back to those days politically speaking, how nice that would be.

Economics Explained for the Entertainment Generation

Thanks to this site where I found it.

Wee Wee or Wii

Thursday night we stayed awake a bit too long. I try to get us to bed by 8pm (asleep that is) but this night it wasn't happening. I was reading my book, G by her attitude and the lateness of the night lost her book and things started getting wierd. G refusing to lie down and go to sleep looked at me with tears running down her face and said, (out of the blue mind you) "Well, even if I had a wee wee I couldn't play it on TB."

My head snapped up and I said, "A what?!!?!?" She said, "A wee wee, you know that you play on TB." I said, "You mean a Wii?"

She admitted that yes it was a Wii she was talking about and someone at school told her she didn't know how to play one, which is true cause we don't know anyone who has one. But she could learn to use one if she had the chance but she interrpreted the statement to mean she will never learn how to use it. This lead to more tears about her not being able to ever do anything. She was tired though. Finally she fell asleep and jumped out of bed for me the next day (usually I have to physically drag her out of bed, heh).

Friday after school my parents were coming home from an out of town visit and we were able to meet them at the grocery store for a few. My mom and I are both sick with sinus stuff. G didn't get to spend the night because my mom didn't feel good.

I had borrowed two movies from the HH where I have been the last three weeks for the food giveaway. One movie is the "Black Cauldron" which is good and the other Dr. Doolittle (w/Eddie Murphy) which is way too far over G's head and mostly potty humor. She fell asleep, and I turned it off early. NOT IMPRESSED!

No Upwards for Saturday but next Saturday will be a game and pictures. I need a nap now. Seems I have exerted way too much energy for the day, ugh. I think this makes the 3rd or 4th head cold this winter season!

Friday, February 05, 2010

The Difficulty of Sounding Out

So here are some words G sounded out at school. They are working on the letter P.


Any guesses? Anyone?

New favorite sign!!
Okay here are the words:
Pigla= pickle

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Poor Sleepy Baby G

Fell asleep in the car on the way home from school. Seriously! She is/was so tired that she fell asleep on the 10 min ride home, heh. Kindergarten is very tiring!

I took a pic on my cell but can't get it off right now for some reason. I have sent it to myself twice but for some reason it isn't going!

Dispelling the Whole Blame Bush Dogma

Randall Hoven is dispelling the Blame Bush line used over and over and over and over again by Dems and Obama. Bush was a much better president than Obama, Clinton and Carter and that is just in my recent memory! Bush didn't cause the collapse of the economy and didn't cause the deficit to balloon like Obama is doing now. If a Democrat is opening his mouth, he is lying.

Oh and have you heard? MA hasn't approve Scott Brown to go to the Senate; he has had to get a lawyer. If it had been a Dem win the election on Jan. 29th, she would already be in DC voting. As it is the Dems are forcing through quite a bit of legislation before he is allowed in to prevent him from voting because they play dirty!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Busy Little G!

Working last night on her computer before basketball practice. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. She looks just like me. ;}

Monday, February 01, 2010

G Creations

G made a picture on her leapster (she loves her leapster, thanks again S.). Also G and her grandad finally built a snowman then went to sled. There are grapes for eyes, a carrot for the nose and a "pine comb" for the mouth, heh.