Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess Who Has a Loose Tooth?

Yesterday morning G told me she "found" the sweet tooth I told her she had. Then she came back later (before we left for school) to tell me she found another. I said, "How can you tell you found them and where are they?" I was a bit concerned when she said, "They are soft, right here." So I told her to open up because I suspected loose teeth, you know soft and all. Of course the teeth she pointed too were not loose which is still troubling, but I did find one little baby tooth in the bottom row that is wiggley enough. She wanted to call her grammie to tell her, and today she called grandad because she forgot to tell him yesterday when she called her grammie.

Anyway, last night I decided we would video the progression so here is the first full day of loose toothness. I turned the video viewer to let G watch the tooth wiggle while I did the video. And, yes, I didn't think of videoing her tooth until after her shower. Maybe tonight I will let her get her PJs on first, heh.

This morning G was brushing her teeth and said, "MAMA!" I spun around and said, "WHAT?" She said, "I fohrgot to check my loose tooth. Can you beweeve I fohrgot to check my loose tooth?" We checked it and yep it is still loose. She has been really excited except for the one very small moment after she realized that having a loose tooth means she is really growing up much to her chagrin. I guess we have a love/hate relationship with growing up around this house anyway. Funny, I never wanted to grow up either, heh.


Vivian M said...

That's the same tooth that Kerri just lost!
Oh, we have the same issues about growing up here too, I chalk it up to her attachment things.
Congratulations Miss G on your first loose tooth! The Tooth Fairy is going to be busy!

Super Mommy said...

Yep, that's loose alright! Jasmine can't wait to get one ... lots of her friends have already lost teeth.