Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Need Your Help

I would like feedback on my website for a new business venture. If you would like to give me feedback on my site and look at the products and/or opportunity, please go here. If you wish to give me feedback, come back here and leave a comment with an e-mail addy if you have questions or would like a follow-up. If you wish to just leave feedback then don't leave your addy. Thanks, Me

Now for some updates:

About "the Man" and the possible job with the chamber? nothing. I have seen him several times but he hasn't mentioned my resume or anything. Also, he said that interviews were being held for those who applied last October. Yeah, I didn't even know anything about it then. So that is either still a very long way off or I haven't a shot in helk.

About unemployment, still no news. I will head back to the AR office this week, Friday probably since I get to pick up new glasses tomorrow. TN still has me very very messed up. My tax credit came in so I am fine for a couple of months, bill-wise.

About the renters, I haven't heard from them so I am still praying they will agree to the rent increase and not move out.


bajones said...

When I go to your page that you linked, it doesn't have anything on it that tells me what it is about. There are lots of links that eventually explain what it is about, but nothing on the front page that would give me any reason to want to dig further. There's no hook.

Kim said...

It looks like an health/vitamin type site, is it?

Most people are cutting things like this out of their life I think.

To get a little bit of cash, have you looked into Avon? They give you a website and people who read your blog can order through you and you get the commission.