Monday, February 08, 2010

Looking Out My Backdoor

We had another bit of snow today. At 6am I let the dog outside and saw the winter wonderland of beautiful white snow. Stupidly I went to wake G so she too could see the snow. Then I took her back to bed and said, "Let's go back to sleep for a bit longer." Ummm, yeah, that worked, not at all. So at 6:30ish I gave up and fixed our breakfast. So much for the eye doc appt I scheduled this a.m. and was looking so foward to!! No school so we came out to play in Grandad's yard. Grammie and I stayed in while G and Grandad played outside, heh.

Here she is waiting to throw that snowball on grandad.


Don and Denise Sullivan said...

Beautiful!! We have yet to take Nate to see the snow this winter. I imagine it's weird to hear me say that. haha

Jennifer said...

She looks adorable all bundled up in the snow!!