Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Life Is a Comedy of Errors I Think

So no glasses. I went to pick them up and when I put them on I couldn't see. The glasses literally caused my right eyeball to hurt for about an hour and half after I took them off and I didn't leave them on by any means. Apparently, there are + and - diagnosis and - is more common. The + is rare and lucky me, I am +. So on Monday the assistant who apparently was new keyed all my stuff in and didn't note that I am not a regular - I am a very special +. So now my glasses won't be ready until sometime next week. And it really does matter to have the + and - right on glasses.

The renter's sink had a very rotten pipe from the drain to the wall which my dad fixed. Later he will fix the faucet which has leaked a wee bit every since I bought the house in 2000. So thankfully that was an easy sort of fix. I was a bit mad at God this morning for having that happen in the first place. But learning how to trust is an every moment thing not a once learned never forgotten point. I need to remember that anyway.

I did get to see my old neighbor and spoke with her for about an hour which was fun. I also got some other errands run like picking up the blue poster board for G's star student week the first week of March and picked up some new deodorant for me which was on sale at the bullseye store. I exchanged a purchase I made on Wed for some personal items after discovering that I am no longer a 36C I am much closer to a 40B but since they were out I bought 38B and will just deal. My old ones were 36C and apparently much stretched as I still wear them fine, heh.

I have a book review to do tomorrow so stay tuned.

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