Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nothing Going On In Particular

G and one of her Lego creations.

G trying to not lose the ball to the other team but I think she did anyway.

G and her grandad outside talking and shooting bow and arrows.
I have applied and was accepted to take the Society of Human Resources SPHR certification exam (I have 117 months of HR experience). That test will be on May 29. A friend who took it in Dec is going to help me study for it. I picked up a study guide today and will hopefully be ready to meet with her when she comes up with a schedule for me. It will be easier for me to study since I am not working.
I had to take one pair of glasses back because the nose rests had a stripped screw or stripped receptacle for the screw, they changed the frame out for me while I waited. Thankfully, I added another pair of glasses to my order, or I would have been in big trouble not being able to see and not being able to keep my glasses on. I like having two pair of glasses for different looks plus one pair of sunglasses. Still and all the three pair with exam was $75 less than one pair with transitional lenses for my Rx. Plus I couldn't find any frames that would look good with transitional lenses that also looked good on me. All of the glasses I did get were very discounted.
G has two more basketball games, one more practice after last night. She is very disappointed that it doesn't last all year. She enjoys when her grandad takes her to practice like last night then took her for french fries b/c she was hungry even after eating supper. She likes spending the time with him and he, her.
We had a bit of a rough morning this morning but she went to school happy anyway. I pray she has a good day. This afternoon we have been invited to go to a friend's home for play time and supper. Can't wait. We need a bit of a diversion I think.
A little girl yesterday laughed at G for eating seaweed snack at lunch. I have a problem with people commenting on foods I eat and dang it if now G has people commenting on foods she eats. She will still eat it for lunch anyway she said. I am mad at that kid who laughed. I am pretty sure there are things she eats that G doesn't like either.
Sometime in March is G's starstudent week. I don't remember if it is the first week or the third week. I asked G to check but she gets things mixed up sometimes as I guess most kindergarteners do. Like yesterday her teacher called G's name and some other kids' names but G didn't understand if it was to ask for money for the class picture or if it was to say they turned in their money. I gave G the money (in an envelope with her name) last week, and it didn't come back home in her notebook, but she didn't realize she turned it in to the teacher. I have no idea what to think about her questions this morning. G asked me if I wanted the picture and why I didn't pay for it but when I tried to explain that I did she said she didn't understand "a wuhrd you ahr sayin'." Sometimes communication with a 5 year old shouldn't happen until I am all coffee'd up which is not first thing in the morning. And yes this is a rambling post as the title of the blog suggests, other ramblings!

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Vivian M said...

Good for Miss G for standing up for what she likes (her seaweed)!
I should have made multiple pairs of glasses for Kerri, that girl goes through glasses like crazy!
Good luck on the exam!