Monday, February 15, 2010

Plans for the Day and Update for the Weekend

Today I will have my eyes checked and order new glasses. YEA!! I am overdue by 4 years on this. I am tired of the dark frames so I am hoping to go wire rimmed or at least something to open my eyes up a bit. I also am taking the new lease to the tenants which will have an increase because otherwise I will lose the house.

Please pray they will agree and not try to move. I feel so guilty about it but really I shouldn't. This will bring the rent up to what I pay monthly so that even if I lose unemployment and have no job they will still be able to live and I won't yet lose the house. Technically on rental property one should charge at least $200 more than the mtg but I just couldn't justify that though in the area rent can go for that.

School is out for pres day. G was going to go with me to the big city for the eye doc etc, but at the last min decided to take Grammie up on her offer of spending the night. After church yesterday I took her out there. She brought her newest toy, a child sized pack n' play the graco brand (blue and yellow plaid). I can't figure out how to fold it up though as it was bought on consignment for $6.

Saturday, G, Grammie and I went to a consignment event that happens only twice a year. I knew I would need to get shorts for G because as kind as her cousin is in giving her clothes, our cousin is now well over 2 seasons taller than G. Some time ago our cousin had a major growth spurt and is on target to be 5'10" when she is grown. G, umm, not so much. So although we did receive some summer stuff it is either going to be for next summer (or the next even) or G refuses to wear it because, our cousin, she is also a girly girl where G is not. Oh and G is not 48" tall, only 43". Grammie didn't measure her that well or misread the ruler or had a little help in the measuring, heh.

So back to the consignment, a good friend of ours managed to pick up two pairs of jeans for G on Wed. when she went to it (Thanks C). So I asked my mom if she would go with me to see what goodies we could find. The moment we walked in G spotted this pac n play and nothing would do but that she wanted it. And no, we don't really have room for it but she has played with it quite a bit even taking it to spend the night at Grammies with her two babies in it. She had actually wanted another one that was pink but much larger. It was also more expensive so I nixed it.

G is definitely a "wanter" with expensive tastes that must be genetic. She spotted a beautiful velor brown pantsuit and begged, pleaded, worked up a few tears for it even. It was a size 7 (too big) and also $42 (too much). We did manage to get some deals though, 3 shortalls (which I think she looks so cute in), 2 pairs of jeans, 1 Chinese dragon t-shirt (I need to go to China Sprout to get the meaning of the characters on it), 1 pink shirt/pant outfit (G is apparently over her pink aversion), 1 levi jacket with button embellishment, 2 pairs of shorts, and 1 75cent gap soccer looking shirt just for fun. Oh and we picked up 4 movies (one won't play though). Somehow it was 18 things so if that isn't 18 things then I forgot something. G wore one of her pairs of jeans today after church.

Friday, she wore one of the jeans we got on Wed. from our friend. And she looked very cute with her Love shirt, heart gloves and new(ish) jeans. Friday was her valentine party at school and the first school party I missed due to the food giveaway. G didn't want me to miss the party and refused to understand what I was doing was a valid excuse for missing it.

Saturday was also Upward basketball and G received 3 stars that day, two for the game. The giving of the stars is a bit wonky. I am so not happy about how they do it. We have dissension in the coaching ranks too. Pictures were taken that morning with one of our teammates missing from the group shot. But in the game G did get in there and hustle, getting the ball a time or three and taking it away a couple of times. She totally missed the only shot she had but gave it her best.

Sunday for lunch we had the best Valentine and CNY lunch ever IMHO that is: Breakfast, yum. My mom fixed breakfast for lunch and mac n' cheese for G. It was so good. And I the great taker of Sunday naps? didn't, for which I was not pleased and oh so tired. It was an early bed time for me. And since G was not here I wasn't awakened this morning before the alarm with pokes accompanied by "1,2,3,4,5,6,..." until I grumpily got up only to hear, "I was just counting to 100. I was just counting the snowflakes on your jams" which was my Sunday morning wake up, heh.

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