Monday, February 08, 2010

Snow Update--2010

I came home and left G to play some more with her Grandad. Here is the deal though, I hadn't planned to leave G at my parents thus we didn't pack up her lovey. So her two blankets and bunny are here with me, and she (hopefully) is blissfully unaware, at least until bedtime. It was a bit scary driving home, and I have a 4X4. So, I am waiting word on whether the school will still be closed tomorrow or not. It rained some, and then it is supposed to freeze so who knows!

Oh and did I tell you what I did yesterday? No, well let me fill you in. After church G and I were coming home and passed a house that had a perfectly good toaster oven set out for the garbage men. This house's owner passed away in December (before Christmas) and the girlfriend was cleaning it out. So I went dumpster diving in the dead man's dumpster. I found a GE food processor (tan and orange if that gives you an idea of the age), the Black and Decker Toaster Oven (sits on the counter), a steel collander like my mom's, a butcher block knife holder with a few knives in it, and three corningware bowls. I felt funny doing it so I left with just that but didn't go back. Now I wouldn't go back because of the snow and sludge. I didn't find tops to the corning ware but they were just 1 quart bowls.

I cleaned up everything and used the toaster oven tonight. I filled in some of the missing knives with my own knives. One of the knives that was in it is a bit wonky so I will dispose of that one myself. The blade is really loose. It does feel a bit weird to have the dead man's things but I can get over that pretty fast. And yes this was all going to the trash or some other dumpster diver because some of the stuff I pulled out of the blue curb can.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Wow...Bev...those are great great treasures! Toaster ovens here are over $ rock girl!

P.S. Hope she does well without her lovie:(

Marla said...

OMG, that is too funny! dumpster diving, but heh, a good find is always worth it!

Stephanie Boaz said...

Beverly - did you ever hear anything back from The Man? I hope you and G are doing okay!