Friday, February 19, 2010

A Surprise Phone Call

Warranted a couple of hours at the zoo. But first a G conversation: I picked up some Yardley's bar soap from the dollar tree for G to use on her ashie knees. It has a really good smell and G said, "Yum, that smells hard." I said, "Hard?" She said, "Yeah, you know 'hard' like stwong."

So, I got an unexpected call from the eye doc that my glasses were now ready. This call came at 12:35. I knew a drive to the big city would be wasted and I may not get back in time to get G from school anyway, so I checked her out at 12:45 and took her with me. She was very surprised. Anyhoo, we managed to spend about an hour and half at the zoo technically.

I also got a coffee at the now re-opened under another name coffee shop that I used to go to pretty regularly, and it was so good. High Point closed last year or so, much to my sorrow, and a new shop opened with the best coffee (better than the *bucks to me) making me oh so very happy.

Earlier in the day I managed to find a number for a real live person at the TN unemployment office who said they would send me a check for unemployment benefits from the beginning of the year to now as well as the left over balance from last year's payments, and set me up on the auto verification system this week. I will be getting $165 less than AR but because of the now overpayment from last year and my taxes I have paid off two big debts that were roughly $300 a month in payments. So with the rent increase and these two paid off I may be able to just get by. Of course I owe AR a true bunch load in place of but I can only do what I can do.

I still am trying to set up the Vollara business needing a business partner to start getting paid basically. If I can get the self employment thing started then I won't need the unemployment and can maybe start paying back AR. I am still looking for a job so that maybe the Vollara maybe part time or in addition to full time or maybe part time.

I still have to send my AR taxes in and am getting hopefully enough to pay my car insurance. The homeowner's insurance for the house is getting changed to landlord insurance and will be a pretty sizable difference in yearly payment by like $600 less. Pray that the outside inspection goes well and it goes into effect. Maybe that will make the escrow go down and the payments go down a bit. Of course I think the property taxes went up again or will so it may come out even.

G got to spend the night at her grammie's. She hasn't called tonight yet which is strange because she usually does call before she goes to bed. We had sort of a rough night last night with her attempts at control and then a melt down for a bit.

She has a basketball game tomorrow at 10. It is getting better and she is enjoying it more. So tomorrow we will hang out with grammie and grandad after the game as well. For now off to bed for me (to finish this very good book).


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Bev...I pray so much for you to have a job....I beg for you to have one as much as I beg Him to give me Spanish. He will answer....I just know it!

Don't you love their descriptions of things..."hard" funny:)

Catching Butterflies 3 said...

Wow, it all sounds like good news. I was hoping the phone call was a dream job, but it really sounds like God is meeting your needs in small and daily ways.

Vivian M said...

I hope the good news keeps coming! Glad you were finally able to find a human to talk to....hoping this year continues to improve!