Saturday, February 06, 2010

Wee Wee or Wii

Thursday night we stayed awake a bit too long. I try to get us to bed by 8pm (asleep that is) but this night it wasn't happening. I was reading my book, G by her attitude and the lateness of the night lost her book and things started getting wierd. G refusing to lie down and go to sleep looked at me with tears running down her face and said, (out of the blue mind you) "Well, even if I had a wee wee I couldn't play it on TB."

My head snapped up and I said, "A what?!!?!?" She said, "A wee wee, you know that you play on TB." I said, "You mean a Wii?"

She admitted that yes it was a Wii she was talking about and someone at school told her she didn't know how to play one, which is true cause we don't know anyone who has one. But she could learn to use one if she had the chance but she interrpreted the statement to mean she will never learn how to use it. This lead to more tears about her not being able to ever do anything. She was tired though. Finally she fell asleep and jumped out of bed for me the next day (usually I have to physically drag her out of bed, heh).

Friday after school my parents were coming home from an out of town visit and we were able to meet them at the grocery store for a few. My mom and I are both sick with sinus stuff. G didn't get to spend the night because my mom didn't feel good.

I had borrowed two movies from the HH where I have been the last three weeks for the food giveaway. One movie is the "Black Cauldron" which is good and the other Dr. Doolittle (w/Eddie Murphy) which is way too far over G's head and mostly potty humor. She fell asleep, and I turned it off early. NOT IMPRESSED!

No Upwards for Saturday but next Saturday will be a game and pictures. I need a nap now. Seems I have exerted way too much energy for the day, ugh. I think this makes the 3rd or 4th head cold this winter season!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Lottie is that way also if she is really tired....she makes no sense at all! Except, she doesn't cry she just screams at me...sigh.

Wonder why God thought I needed three drama queens and one sweet prince for children? ha ha

Praying you are feeling better soon Bev. We have been sick for almost two months now. I decided to not go back to the orphanage to work for awhile until we get well....I think I am bringing all of that crud home. Yuck.

Sharon said...

Oh, thats a hard time. You have more patience than most Beverly! Hope you recover soon. We have had it here too!!